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Eco-Fashionista: Holiday Gift Guide v3

The ultimate gift guide for the men in your life, be it boyfriend, friend, nephew or good old Dad!

Indoor Water Conservation kit: $34.95 – includes: (1) 1.5 GPM Earth Massage Showerhead, (2) 1.0 GPM Sink Aerators, (1) Deluxe Kitchen Swivel Aerator, (1), Toilet Tank Bank, (1) Toilet Water Saver Fill Cycle Diverter, (1) Toilet Leak Dye Kit, Teflon Tape, Flow Meter Bag, and a Water Conservation Wheel with tips.

Citizen Blue Angels Skyhawk men’s watch $251.00 on sale now, the Citizen JR3155-54E is a great splurge for your man. The Citizen Eco-Dive watch movement absorbs any type of light to continuously power the watch; Citizen Eco-Dive watches never need a replacement battery.

Sports Equipment - Football $29.95 Give your man an Eco-certified and certified Fair Trade football; Union-made and vegan, this will surely make him smile to show his buddies how green he is getting!

Eco-Sphere – $54.95 This amazing little eco-system is filled with microorganisms, bright red shrimp and the algae sustain each other in a clear “soup” of filtered seawater. Calming, and educational, this gift is a great gift for anyone!

Steel Compost Crock - $54.95 Need I say more? Even if you live in an apartment and don’t have access to the outside, you can fertilize the tomato plants on your fire-escape like I do!

Eco-Case – $45.00 – What is being done with all those cassettes that are around in the bajillions?! A perfect up-cycled case for your fourth generation Ipod Nano!

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