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Eco-Fashionista: Holiday Gift Guide v6

No need to forget your pets this holiday season, get out there and treat them to an eco-gift!

•Cats: Eco-Me Cat Kit- $28.00 – This AMAZING cat tool kit enables you to make safe, organic, all natural products for your cat using everyday kitchen ingredients and specially blended essential oils such as rosemary, citronella and lemongrass. You’ll be able to make:
- Flea and Bug Spray
- Litter Freshener
- Organic Catnip Pillow
- All-natural Cat Treats
It also contains a heart shaped cookie cutter, reusable containers and a 15ml supply of essential oils - enough to make 2 fillings of each cat kit product.

•Cats: $5.09 bio-degradable litter box liners. (they have some for dogs as well!)

•Dogs: HarryBarker Dog Dispensers: $10.00 All dog owners in the city know that they must clean up after their pets. It’s not only common courtesy, it’s the law! Most owners you see use those bright blue plastic bags to pick up the matter. Problem is, what’s in the bag is bio-degradable, the bag itself is not. Harry Barker has bio-degradable no.2 bags and they come in a recycled plastic dispenser that can hook on to your dog’s leash so you’ll never be without a bag!

•Dogs: AKC Green Planet Plush squeaky toy $8.99. I buy my dog one of these environmentally friendly dog toys made by the American Kennel Club, which uses recycled packaging and recycled and non-toxic materials every few months. He LOVES the toys, because they are not only soft, but they have a squeak apparatus in the middle. My dog, Gustav’s favorite is the Squirrel!

•Pets: travel water bowl. Great to take to the dog park or on a road trip.

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