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Giving Spotlight:: Farm Sanctuary

There is a growing list of those who need our charity, time and attention. It is so important that we all give what we can to the organization we most feel connected to. This time of year I think about my most special one, Farm Sanctuary and hope I can spark your interest in learning more about this amazing group.

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 by Gene Baur, who worked tirelessly with a band of volunteers selling vegetarian hot dogs to raise funds for their animal advocacy work. It is their work where their hearts truly are. Farm Sanctuary's goals are to combat the animal abuses at Factory Farms across the country. Their mission began as many do, small and full of energy. It only took Gene a few visits to stockyards and slaughterhouses to unveil an industry that cares more about the bottom line than any animal that passes through its doors.

It was Hilda, a sheep layed out on the 'dead pile' at a stockyard that touched Gene Baur's heart in a way that changed his life path forever. He rescued her and thus began Farm Sanctuary. He has since opened 2 Farm Sanctuary locations, one in California and one in New York. Kevin and I plan on visiting in the spring and can't wait to spend a weekend there visiting with the animals. There's a B&B on site to help you really connect with the farm, ya!

Being the nation's leading farm animal protection organization they've got a lot on their plate, and they are not slowing down their efforts any time soon. They've got multiple campaigns going on at any given time, including the No Foie Gras, No Veal and the No Downes campaign. They received quite a victory in 1992 when their expose of down animals (animals too sick to stand) in stockyards and factory farms resulted in the Downed Animal Protection Act! Nice!

This holiday you can share Farm Sanctuary with your friends and loved ones by shopping at their online store and donating! Stock up on books, mugs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and education videos for all of your compassionate friends and family members. And of course pick up a copy of Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur

I am madly in love with this organization and I hope you are too now! Read the book, donate to their cause and please remember that it really matters how we treat those without a voice!


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