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Gifts under $20, easy as pie

So, we're all trying to save a few dimes this holiday season, but that doesn't mean we can shower our friends, family and coworkers with goodies now does it!

Keep your budget by checking out these bright, beautiful, useful gifts, all under $20 bucks.

1. Flip & Tumble - an easy to use grocery/shopping tote that literally flips and tumbles into an easy to carry ball. Comes in 5 color combos to boot!

2. Good Magazine - A political, environmental, social and beautiful magazine I've been reading since it first came out in 2006. The entire, yes entire subscription cost goes to the charity of your choice, no joke. And while it used to cost $20 bucks, you can no pay what you want. So if you can't afford the $20 right now, you can still support the cause and give the gift of GOOD.

3. Slice of Organic Life - For those light green, medium and dark green people in your life gift them this amazing and useful book. Pick up 2 copies, you may not want to give it up!

4. Green Dimes - Help clear clutter this holiday and give the gift of a empty mailbox! Green Dimes will contact those pesky credit card companies and catalogues and ask them to stop mailing all that wasted paper. Because seriously, do you need that boating/sailing catalogue?

5. Korres Shower Gel - Tuck this into your gift bag and you're sure to get a smile! Scents come in such delicious varieties such as Vanilla Plum, Citrus, Fennel, Fig and Jasmine.

While you're at it, pick up Green Christmas: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Basye Sander & Peter Sander for more Christmas tips, and remember not everyone celebrates Christmas, so be mindful of your "Christmas cheer spreading". Spread smiles, homecooked sweets and enjoy the time together!

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