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So you've heard washing with hot/warm water is bad for the environment and your wallet. I just finished reading a great article on TreeHugger that explains it all in black and white.

Here are some highlights to shock you into choosing cold wash!

* 90% of all energy used in washing our clothes goes straight to heating up that water

* 392 = the average loads of wash a U.S. household will go through in a year, that's a lot of hot water

* 1 year of hot/warm washing = 182 gallons of gas

* 1 year of hot/warm washing = 2,407 lbs of CO2 (which is equal to 1 round-trip cross country flight)

I always choose cold water, you should too, read there rest of the article, and tell your friends, COLD is where it's at! Plus many companies are making cold wash specific laundry detergent, no excuses people!



Missy said...

I have also heard that if you have a stain use cold water and whatever detergent and spot clean it. If you wash a stain in hot water it will be "set" into the fabric.
Save the hot for a winter bath with safe and natural homemade salt scrubs!

Lindsay said...

Great tips! Thanks Missy.