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Website Spotlight: www.EatWellGuide.Org

Website Spotlight: EatWellGuide
You may have noticed a new green box on the bottom of Urban Branches where you can type in your zip code. Go ahead, you can stop reading to try it….
Ok, now that you’re back…you typed in your zip code you got to a page where you can select to see all of the food related organizations results. Those results are a well selected list of co-ops, butchers, farmers, restaurants, organizations, bakers, caterers, personal chefs, stores and online shops that cater to the sustainable, organic and local food markets. The site stresses their commitment to finding food vendors that don’t use hormones, antibiotics and is produced in ways that is healthy to the animals, the farmers/producers and the environment. All so you can live healthier and happier. How nice are they!

The sites additional resources include a ‘Hormone Free Dairy Map’ where you can find products sold in your state as well as the ‘Seasonal Food Guide’ to find out what’s grown in season in your state, making eating fresh that much more of a no brainer!
You can also add vendors that they will review and put up on their site.

They are partnered with SustainableTable which is a site I will review next. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, type that zip code in if you haven’t already…Stay tuned, but in the meantime, type that zip code in if you haven’t already…

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