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Earth Hour: Countdown Begins

There's an excitement in the air as Kevin and I prepare to turn out lights off for the 8pm hour. We are getting ready to light candles and enjoy the atmosphere this event has created. How are you enjoying the night?



Chelsea said...

So I sat down to eat mashed potatoes in the dark during Earth Hour only to look out my window and realize I was the only one in the dark. NYC is filled with so many people and households, too bad this wasn't advertised more!
I still sit here in the dark with candles lit behind me!

Lesley said...

Well, we lit a fire in the fireplace which lit up the room in a glow of soft yellow, and then we cuddled up on the couch together. What a great way to spend the hour of darkness, we may do this every Saturday!

morgan said...

I like your blog!
save planet earth!
Ciao from Italy.