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Jet Lag for Food?

1,500 miles: that is the average number of miles your food travels from farm to plate. Eat Local! It's up to you to check the label, shop where you know they serve local produce and products and ASK questions when you're shopping.

While I am writing this, I have CNN on TV and they just began a news spot discusing how much oil is used to transport food/goods across the country and all over the country. All of those trucks bringing you out of season fruit whenever you want (that for some reason doesn't always taste as good as when it's fresh) are guzzling a lot of gas! Think twice before you support that industry.

For a great short film about this go to and search 'Watch Your Odometer' in the search box and click on the first image that comes up calleed 'Watch Your (Fo)Odmeter. Tell me what you think, I loved the simplicity of it and the great message.


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