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Spring Cleaning Project: Series 3

I love to read and I have been known to have bookcases full of them. I know I really should be going to library instead of buying books, but I write notes all over them and I love lending them so it’s hard! That being said, I have been doing some spring cleaning and books were my first mountain to conquer. I have come up with a great list of ideas on what to do with those old books that I thought I’d share with you all. First though you’ve got to go through your home library and really take out what you don’t need to be keeping. I organize them into these categories:

Category 1- Not even up for debate.
Category 2- Haven’t read yet, so obviously keep if I plan on reading someday
Category 3- Read and loved, might read again, might lend or might need to pull from it someday
Category 4- Did I read that? Did I like it? (aka TOSS)
Category 5- Gifts from family or friends that you’ll never read and you keep for what reason again? (again, easy aka TOSS)
Once you’ve made your piles now it’s time to figure out what to do with them. For the books you are not going to keep here are some great ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle them!

*Call your local library or public school and see if they take book donations.

*Look online for a local used bookstore that may give you a few bucks for them. (in New York City you can sell your books at Strand)

*Sell them online at and make a few bucks. (super easy to set up, I promise)

*Organize a small cocktail party at your house where everyone brings books they don’t want to swap.

And if all else fails RECYCLE THEM!

There, one more in our Spring Cleaning Series!


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