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Green is Good (and fashionable)

Pop into my favorite shop Hayden Harnett in Greenpoint Brooklyn or go online to: and pick up a GREEN IS GOOD canvas tote for a mere $27! You can use this for groceries, gym clothes, books or as your purse! The proceeds (100% of them mind you!) go to Farm Aid!!! Here's a snippet from Hayden Harnett's site:

Help support organic, sustainable farming practices and education with the purchase of our exclusive "GREEN IS GOOD" organic cotton eco-tote. 100% of Hayden-Harnett’s proceeds from the sale of our GREEN IS GOOD organic cotton tote supports Farm Aid's efforts to promote local, organic, and sustainable farming through education and training. Promoting green farming is a great way to help the environment and ourselves. Using this eco- friendly tote, rather than plastic bags, is another great way to be kind to our planet.
To learn more about Farm Aid, please visit:

I love this shop, I drool over every single bag! I am lucky enough to have a few but now I want this one too! Kevin can't get mad, it's for charity, there, I won. Ha!



Anonymous said...

I love this bag! I am going online to check it out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great bag. I'm in! Everyone of our staff will get one!