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Have eczema? Switch to chemical free earth friendly detergent- chemicals are irritants to the skin. And don't switch the the big name brand "free and clear" that only means no scent, stick to natural cleansers to wash your clothes and your skin will thank you. Kevin and I like Mrs. Meyer's (pricey, but lovely), Seventh Generation and Ecos. Stick with the natural brands for fabric softener too.


Lesley said...

Try Bio-Kleen, smells like's all natural and lovely!

taynnee said...

Here is something I'm dealing with now.... had eczema as a child that left my hands looking old and wrinkly... well it's back. I'm a massage therapist so I work with lotion on an almost daily basis. I did some searching around for a safe, nut free, chemical free, organic massage cream. After using it only a few days I noticed a huge change. I did an experiment today and used the old stuff and my skin if very angry with me.
yay for organic biotone!