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Eco-Fashionista: Plant Love

Hello, hello my eco-beauties. In a world that claims to go green, how can we tell what is green in terms of being eco-friendly, and what is for show?
Beauty products have come a far way since Aveda, in terms of them being the frontrunner in carrying all natural, all botanical products that aren’t tested on animals. They also revolutionized the beauty packaging industry. By minimizing their packaging, and maximizing the use of post-consumer recycled materials, they use materials that can be and are recyclable, and designs their packaging so that the individual parts can be separated for recycling. They also work with suppliers who manufacture our packaging materials using renewable energy.
Today, I would say that is passé. Most beauty companies have gravitated towards animal-free testing and recyclable packaging. (And if they haven’t, you should be boycotting them…) Bravo to Aveda doing their part, but in a consumer society, packaging sells, and we are easily captivated by the “newest” products that tickle our fancies.
That being said, and one that truly falls into that category, I’d like to profile CARGO’s new PlantLOVE lipstick.
The mindset is behind the creativity being eco-friendly is simply amazing. Are you sitting down? Good. The carton housing the lipstick is biodegradable, embedded with seeds so that when moistened and planted, flowers will grow. THEY WILL GROW!
The line consists of multiple coloured lipsticks with the tube made from compostable corn plastic, and thus considered a renewable resource. (But can we say plastic then??) And the lipsticks themselves are not made with Petroleum based ingredients but a patented Orchid complex, which, for 20 bucks for a tube of lipstick, should make your lips feel like bio-degradable silk 
If you thought the buck stopped there, your wrong. CARGO is donating two dollars from the sale of these lipsticks to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Not only will you look great, the seeds sewn are truly from the heart and will not only affect future generations, but the planet as well. So invest; in the earth and in our children.
You can pick one up at Sephora or go to:
And order a whole bunch.
What better way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY or I LOVE YOU than planting a lipstick garden?

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Ann Claire said...

dude. they'll grow!? :-) thats so cool!