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Save The Planet (and your dishes!)

I’ve used my fair share of dishwashing liquids that are gentle on the earth. Some a good, some are bad, and some are so expensive I feel guilty using it on dishes. I have finally found a great inexpensive brand that works great. Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid. For $3.99 you get 25oz. Not a bad deal!
The stuff cleans wonderfully, has no scent and really cuts through grease, plus their bottles are made from 25% post consumer recycled plastic!
The company Planet was founded in 1989. They believe strongly that caring for the earth falls not only to individuals but to companies as well. They annually donate to Earth Justice (which fights the environmental fight in the courtroom) and River Network, which helps keep our rivers and watersheds clean and healthy. Go Planet!
Pick up a bottle at your local grocery or health food store; if you can’t find it, you can online at or In addition to Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Planet makes laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaner.

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