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Eco-Fashionista Debut

I couldn't be more excited to introduce my 'eco-fashionista' writer, Brett. She’ll be updating us on eco-friendly fashion here on Urban Branches. This the first of many posts from her. Please let us know if there’s something you hope she covers in her posts! Enjoy...xxLindsay
Remember when we were kids? Well, for me I am a child of the 80’s, but beside the odd pair of spandex and side ponytail photos, I don’t remember much of it. I remember a severe revival of 70’s in the 90’s. (So it seems like every few years there’s another 70’s revival, but bear with me) Mainly I think it was because I remember more of those years, but mainly it was because I never took off my 70’s inspired painted on flower jeans. Far from fashionable, I longed to be like my friend’s older siblings, who, on civil day (a day once a month where we private school, uniform wearing kids could wear anything we wanted to) would be clad in long hippie skirts, flowers in their hair and Birkenstocks. (Remember those!) Okay, so it was an all girl school, and I’m pretty sure most of those girls came out sometime in college. Seriously. But when my friends and I went shopping to dress like them all we could find were these scratchy, somewhat expensive hemp products in stores filled with clothes and souvenirs from India and Nepal with an incense stench so strong I couldn’t be in the shops long enough to try something on.
Now at the time, I didn’t know what hemp was. I couldn’t equate it to being the organic byproduct of a plant that these clothes were made from that made these so called hippies vie for these eco friendly products. I certainly couldn’t grasp the fact that it was from a Marijuana plant. You can smoke it? Ah to be young and naïve.
But over the last decade there has been a major shift in eco friendly clothes, not only for those who make them, but for those who wear them. No longer are they, dare I say it, ugly. No longer are they uncomfortable. And no longer are they worn or made by those that still wish they were living back in the 70’s. The sentiment of eco-friendly clothing has changed in the mind as well as we all move forwards environmentally to help stall the ever changing climate due to global warming.
So what am I talking about, you say? There are a few lines that I absolutely adore that are eco-friendly. (And when I say this, I mean all components that are used to make the product are grown organically and are all natural, fair-trade products.) And each week I’ll showcase some outfit/product fit for the budding fashionistas!
I start with men! RawGanicque is an organic hemp company started by two guys in England. Their Mantra:
“We believe in quality, not fads. That is why the organic products we offer will never go out of style: we design our products to be practical, good-looking, and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly means certified organic, sweatshop-free, and without harsh chemicals and heavy metals. Whenever we design a new product, we go back to how it would have been made 100 or 200 years ago, when chemicals weren't the norms of production. With this in mind, we try to replicate heritage traditions as much as possible, resulting in a purer, more sustainable products that people can feel safe using in their homes.”
Their women’s wear, not so hot, but these suits for men make a girl’s heart go pitter patter! So check them out: (you can copy the link into your browswer)


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I can't wait until next week! Great Post!