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Eco-Fashionista: Global Green Pals

By this point, we all know we each must take steps in order to be more eco-friendly and green in order to preserve and help save our environment. Whether it’s simply recycling, changing our light-bulbs, buying produce locally, wearing organic clothes and eating organically, every little bit helps. Whether you change your company to make it produce a product in a greener manner, or start a company that’s green from naissance, every little bit helps.
Eco-mama and now Lindsay can attest to how important it is to share our knowledge with our children, for they are the ones that will carry on and make our world a greener place.
THANKFULLY, we have Restoration Gallery LLC to help!
Founded with the commitment to create and offer safe, quality toys, they have launched Global Green Pals to help educate kids how to become eco-ambassadors and inspire them to take positive environmental action!
Founders Malini Goel, Helena Robertson and Rachel Lubanowski, “believe that through play at a young age, we can encourage simple, kid-friendly, creative, and positive actions”. I whole-heartedly agree.
There are five Green Pals - Carbon Offset Chet, Clean Air Kate, Pani Rani, Pink Coral Laurel, and Recycle Kyle. Hailing from around the world, each of them help educate about environmental issues such as global warming, air and water pollution, and water quality and scarcity.
What I love about these pals is that they are not just a doll, they each have a story that teaches children a valuable lesson; more than just to look both ways before crossing the street, or washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Each doll teaches about geography, about their likes/dislikes, their hobbies, and about their environmental goals and how they like to do their particular part in help saving the environment. It challenges and encourages the child to figure out what environmental issue is important to them, and how their hobbies or their likes and dislikes can relate to that issue, and what they might be able to do in order to change. The best part – encouraging them to spread the word about taking action!!!
So help me spread the world about these amazing Global Pals so our children will be able to, early on, learn how to make our world a better place!

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