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The Tartine Bread cookbook. Available at bookstores! 

I love bread, love love love. Couldn't imagine a day without it. I stumbled across this touchingly beautiful video about the Tartine (a bakery in SF) baker and his love of bread and the bread making process. Now all I am craving is this bread. Well since I have travel plans for SF I will have to add the cookbook to my library cue.


Dan Eldon + Toms Shoes = Heartbreakingly Amazing

a sample of Dan Eldon's amazing work

Dan Eldon's amazing journals
That is the ACTUAL thumbprint of Dan Eldon. Wow.

"Journey is The Destination" written all over the shoe. A Dan Eldon quote.

About 10 years ago I stumbled upon a gorgeous collection of scrapbook style art from artist and photojournalist Dan Eldon. His work fascinated me on many levels. I had always loved that messy style of scrapbooking and combining art techniques. I loved his use of painting, photography, drawing and found art all together in one. He created these amazing journals of his travels and opening one was like taking a journey yourself. They were heartbreaking in their beauty and emotionally strong in their ability to show you the world. Dan Eldon was killed during a protest in Mogadishu.

I have a few of his books (art books) and have given them as heartfelt gifts to many. His work lives on via his family on this amazing website and as I just discovered through my new favorite shoe company Toms Shoes. I was gifted a pair for Christmas and they are my new favorite! The story behind the line is simple, they make amazing shoes, stylish and comfortable, and for each pair you purchase a pair is purchase for a child in need of shoes. What could be better than that!

You can imagine my smile when I stumbled across this bit of information on the Toms Shoes website while I was checking out their kids line for Juliette (which is adorable by the way). Take a moment to see this line inspired my the spirited life of Dan Eldon. His work is amazing and these shoes are a great tribute to his life and passions. You simply must check them out.

My eyes are tearing just thinking about how proud he would be to be apart of a company that donated a pair of shoes for each one purchased. I think I might need a new pair...


(Images of Dan Eldon's work straight from and shoe pictures are from

Eco Mama Mariah Reviews: Leap Organics {Leap Organics}

Leap Organics, a conscious, fantastically concocted skin-care line. Eco Mama Mariah approves! I can't tell you how important it is for a company to get & complete their Organic certification, know the difference between natural and organic, make their packaging look damn good and totally sustainable, and have a whimsical start-up story. Go Leap and you'll never turn back. I work at Whole Foods and they have landed a very prominent spot on our shelves, good for them! 

I have been searching for a new facial cleanser for many months, and finally have alighted on a new love: the Organic facial cleanser: Sweet Orange and Grapefruit with Cucumber and Green tea. Retail: $15.

I find it to be a perfect super-clean cleanse, a sweet smell, hence the sweet orange and grapefruit. If you love citrus, crave the crisp spring feeling citrus embodies, then this product will love you too!
It's very emollient, suds well despite the non-presence of sulfates, and only requires a tiny pea size portion to get the job done beautifully. I am guessing it will last me 6+ months, which is fantastic on your budget!! More apples for your bushel.

The Organic Standards the company follows are in the top rankings. (following excerpt is posted on their site and can be read

"...In order to have your ingredients and products certified organic, a company must enlist the services of an organic certifier. These folks are third parties that verify that a company’s ingredients and processes have met all of the USDA’s organic guidelines. LEAP uses Oregon Tilth to certify its organic ingredients and processes in accordance with the USDA’s guidelines. Oregon Tilth is one of the nation’s leading organic certifying agencies. To learn more about them, please visit"

I love the opening lines of the "our story" part of their includes a beautiful nod to Maine (you know it, I love Maine!!)

"...For a lot of things in life, my Dad has always been there with good advice when I needed it: “Ignore those kids — your ears aren’t big, your head is just small,” and sure enough my head grew, eventually making my ears look smaller (kind of); “Read some Hemingway, focus on your writing, and practice those Mikan drills,” and I ended up getting into my favorite college in Maine to play basketball and befriended a couple classic novels; “Create a soap that doesn’t dry-out and make my skin itch.” Huh?
Sitting on our favorite beach on Cape Cod with my Mom and sis’, I asked my Dad if he was serious or kidding about his soap comment. “Half kidding,” he said. So while I had never thought about making soap before, let alone an entire skincare line, my Dad’s quasi-serious piece of advice would turn out to be quite serendipitous..."
So please, go try it and tell me your story! I have a good feeling many people will love this product and keep upping the ante on organic knowledge.

As Always, love from
 Eco-Mama Mariah in Maine

Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail + Peter {Review}

 Each night we read Juliette the story of Peter Rabbit. He is a curious little one just like my little girl. What better inspiration for a line of 100% organic baby food that comes in easy to squeeze little pouches. Little hands can take them on the go as they explore the world. Each one is a delicious combination of fruits + vegetables and packs a nutritional punch too. Easy to reseal with their tops and easy to toss around (no glass jars!). Juliette hasn't mastered the art of squeezing them into her mouth yet, but we hope someday soon. I have seen little darlings around town squeezing them with ease so I know it's possible!

Peter Rabbit Organics only source organic (USDA certified) ingredients and when possible use local suppliers in Oregon (the US division of the UK company) Oh and pouches are BPA free, one less thing to worry about.

Oh and another thing, despite the adorable little bunny rabbit on the packaging these are great snacks for adults when you hiking, biking or eating on the go. Seriously.

You can find the pouches all over at Starbucks, Babies R Us, Amazon, REI and many more!

Here are the flavors:

Corn/Apple/Sweet Potato


Clean Well & Green

Save 30% on CleanWell products with this code: DailyCandy30 (code from Daily Candy)

Their products clean your hands without the sting of alcohol + kill germs with natural ingredients. Nuff said.


For a Wishy Washy Wash... {Review}

Wishy Wash $20
Little Miss Juliette takes a bath almost every night, not cause she smears black beans in her hair and guacamole all over her face (well maybe that's the reason) but simply because she loves the bath. She loves splashing with her toys, discovering how the water feels in her fingers and toes. While's it is her job to splash, play and enjoy herself, it's mine to lather her up and make sure she comes out my clean little bunny.

I received a bottle of Baby Bear Shop's 'Wishy Wash' in the mail to try out and we used it last night for the first time in her bath. Not only did she adore the little bunny on the label (she kissed it!) but she loved the soothing scent, a soft citrus. I loved how clean she got and how sweet she smelled even this morning when I picked her up from her crib.

Ingredients include; sunflower seed oil, nettle leaf extract, calendula flower extract, aloe and orange oil.

The cutest thing though is the darling little message printed on the bottle:

For a wishy washy wash
with your teeny tiny bunny
put a teensy bit of wash
on a soft squishy cloth

Put the soft squishy cloth
on the teeny tiny bunny
from the bunny's tiny tips
to the bunny's tiny toes

Sing a silly singing song
make a wishy wash wish
then wishy was the bunny
and end with a kiss!

They also sell lovely products for mama to be as well. Certified USDA organic, darling packaging, wonderful scents and affordable. The company products another type of product that I love, multi-use. That cuts down on cost to the consumer (you don't need to buy tons and tons of products) and is better for the environment, less packaging! Their 'Cheeky Baby Butter' can be used to slather up baby + mama in a multitude of spots!

For more information check out their website + blog 


Finger Paints {Review}

Problem: nail polish looks great but is often SO full of horrid chemicals (ie ones like formaldehyde)
Solution: Scotch Naturals

If only all my problems were this easy. I paint my toes, and have for god knows how many years. I feel naked without them done. But I hate using the toxic ingredients that seem to come with most nail polishes (yes ladies, even the nice ones they have in salons). When I was pregnant I started using a natural nail polish and natural nail polish remover. While I liked them both I didn't love the boring color. I was overjoyed when a package arrived in the mail from Scotch Naturals containing the super of the moment shade Heather Blush. They sent me the color to review, yay!

Scotch Naturals nail polish is a totally non-toxic line that comes in 13 stellar shades that dry to a high gloss in mere minutes (without base or top coat!) but they actually help restore your nails to their former beauty. You know, before you ruined them with lots of crappy chemical polishes. Score. Oh and they make nail polish remover too, so no need to worry.

The package insert warns that if you're nails are super dry (as mine are) the polish may chip and peel off, but to persevere with the polish and over time I won't have that problem anymore!

I think I'll be trying the shade Kiltlifter next. Very cheeky name don't you think.

Go right to their site to check more colors out for yourself.

Huffington Post: Food & Green

I've read a lot of great articles with some thought provoking topics on Huffington Post lately. Love the site! Here are some links to check out during your free time

Organic Food: USDA Asked to Decide if Organic Means Outdoors
I don't know about you, but I'd like my animals to enjoy the outdoors, to feel the sunshine on their backs and take long lazy naps as the sun sets over them. Free-Range and Cage-Free don't necessarily mean they are doing that. Pastured is the label I look for these days. I hope the label organic can one day encompass a certain amount of outdoor time, on grass, in the sunshine.

We Stand United Against GE (Genetically Modified) Alfalfa
Personally I find genetically modified foods creepy and quite scary to the food system. What's going on can't be ignored.

A Food Manifesto For The Future - Mark Bittman (Article on NY Times but found via Huffington Post)
Bittman advocates ending subsidies from the government. Love this. We have wayyyyy too much corn and milk as it is. Stockpiled. Like a whole lot.

The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?
Oh, this article made me so sad. People, don't assume because you're buying something from a health food store, and "organic type of store" or a Whole Foods that it isn't laden with chemicals! Do your research and know what you are buying. And ew, Monsanto. bad. bad. bad.

Valentine's Lovies from Branch Home

So I am kind of not into most holidays (the forced gift giving, card writing, weird religious traditions etc.) but with a 17 month old in my life my hubby and I decided to give holidays a go this time around and make sure Juliette has wonderful memories of holiday crafts, foods and little prezzies. So we are doing it up this year! I already have a wonderful gift idea for Kevin, phew. I've been wanting to start a tradition for Juliette of making her heart shaped little pillows out of fabrics I collect here and there. Yesterday during a particularly long nap I sewed my first with fabric scraps I had collected in the South of France years ago. It came out wonderful! Next I might add some dried lavender to give it a soothing aroma while my little bunny sleeps peacefully.

Are you doing Valentine's this year? Bake something special! Splurge and get your sweetie a massage or manicure at their favorite spa. Make them breakfast in bed, pick up some beautiful potted plans and display them all over the house on Valentine's morning. We are doing gifts this year and I wanted to include some sweet little finds I have found over the past few weeks online too. Here they are:

From Branch Home: Use code Sweetheart11 and get $15 off your orders of $100 or more! 

Couple Series Pillow

Lovely critter  in a nursery or perched on a bookshelf

Dove Stamp Set