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Post Office: Recycling Illegal?

In an effort to recycle, Kevin and I try to always reuse shipping boxes when we need to mail something, we even cut them open and invert them so they are inside out. Apparently we'd better be careful because reusing priority or express mail boxes is ILLEGAL! Yep, you read correctly, even turning them inside out so the box is unmarked is illegal.

This has made headlines and I came across the article this morning and knew I had to share. The post office wants to make more money by having you ship something priority or express (and the boxes are free mind you so it makes little sense to me) so they are making it a policy that you can't resuse these boxes? Something is not adding up to me either...


Eco-Fashionista: A Place to Stash you Green

The nature of fashion is: when something is in, something else is inevitably out. Seasons change, evolve, and perhaps come back full circle years later to the same modified styles. Now, however, fashion styles aren’t just being modified, the way we think about fashion has been modified as well. More companies are going Green, using renewable products, safer methods of manufacturing and creating alternative materials to simulate the current trends of animal skins and furs. More and more companies are starting up with the idea from conception to only manufacture or sell clothes or items that are purely organic and are eco-friendly. And right now, those companies are very in.
But what about those companies who have a long standing reputation in the fashion industry to make great, fashionable, and reliable products, season after season in leathers or furs or and other un-eco-friendly ways?
As I mentioned last week with shoes, I am a bag snob. And although I’m sure I will be purchasing vegan bags in the future, there’s nothing like a good leather bag. I couldn’t help but wonder, then, as an eco-friendly writer, and one who does try to sustain a Green way of living, am I a hypocrite for wanting to wear leather yet have a compost bucket on my fire escape? And what about those companies that mean well but just have reputations to uphold?
That’s when I came across BRACCIALINI, a truly altruistic company that, although isn’t organic in theory, is organic by nature.
What do I mean? Simply: Yes, their bags are made from different types of leathers and fur and thus not in code with being eco-friendly. They are, however, made organically in Florence, Italy and by local workers, and because this family run business recognizes that their bags aren’t organic, they find it almost a necessity to give back to the community by pairing with various foundations and charities every season.
What sets this line apart from any other bag company out there is, unlike many other Italian bag lines, the Braccialini collections include true collector’s items. For 50 years, women have been putting on their mantles (seriously…I kid you not, on their mantles) bags in the shapes of trains, owls, carriages, birds and butterflies.

Carla, the original designer and creator of Braccialini, does make a seasonal bag line, which is fantastic in and of itself, but she also continues to create these custom, one of a kind, iconic collective pieces that are true must-sees. These pieces are the ones she uses when paring with a charity organization.
This Fall/Winter 2008-2009 season, Braccialini has partnered as the spokesperson for UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – an organization that tries to preserve cultural heritage’s by creating the conditions for genuine dialogue based upon respect for shared values and the dignity of each civilization and culture.
Braccialini has created five unique, one of a kind bags depicting images recognized as WORLD HERATIGE SITES by UNESCO. Using mixed materials she has recreated The Great Wall of China, The Acropolis of Athens, The Gaza Pyramids, Naples (the Spanish Quarters) and the City of Salzburg. Proceeds from this collection will be donated to help preserve the culture and heritage of these sites.
Braccialini’s general Fall/Winter line is characterized by a collage of different skins and contrasting colors, and let me tell you, are amazing. The color combinations are mixed with metal, horse leather, python, and patchwork patterns.
My favorite is the Mayan inspired trapezoid bag.
What’s the best part?? This spring marks Braccialini’s US debut, with their official store launch coming up May 22nd at its amazing Soho location off of West Broadway at Prince. So whether you’d like a great bag, a crazy, one of a kind bag, or a bag that you know with your purchase is making an impact on the world, know that Braccialini has handbags to suit the tastes of the most discerning bag aficionados. These bags are not only fashion pieces but also unique works of art and collector’s items in their own right.
Click to see more:
There is a seemingly endless list of reasons to switch your home cleaning products to more natural and environmentally friendly choices. From supporting a cleaner and better industry to your own personal health. Here are some numbers in case you thought "eh whatever"

*There are roughly 63 synthetic chemicals in the average home equalling 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.

*Indoor pollution is 100% higher than outdoor, so before you shut the window thinking you're keeping that pesky pollution out, think again.

*There are 17,000 petrochemicals available for use in home cleaners, only 30% of which have been tested for exposure in humans and environment.

Yikes. Here are some brands of cleaners I use and love:

Mrs. Meyer's
Seventh Generation

Or you can make your own! I will post some recipes in the next few days...stay tuned!


Farm Sanctuary: Quote of the Day

I am reading Farm Sanctuary right now by Gene Baur and I am working on a book review for Urban Branches as well. Farm Sanctuary is the name of a place where rescued/mistreated farm animals go to live out their lives happilily and peacefully, away from the factory farms of their past.

For now though, here's a great quote to wet your appetite:

"In an ideal world, there would be no need for Farm Sanctuary. There would be no factory farms or stockyards, and cattle, pigs, chickens, and other farmed animals would not be abused. They would be free to feel the sun and the breeze, scratch at the earth, and generally enjoy life. Human beings have a great capacity to act with sensitivity and compassion as well as a frightening ability to disgregard the feelings of others. The more we act with indifference and cruelty, the more pervasive and defining these qualities become in our world. But when we behave with understanding and kindness, these qualities can spread and flourish"

-Gene Baur

Daily Eco

Bring a bag lunch tomorrow(an eco-friendly bag of course!), use what you have at home! I keep advocating this, but it really makes a difference! I hate throwing food out, and bringing lunch helps you go use what you have!

More More Cri-De-Coeur (it's my new chant)

I love love love my Eco-Fashionista's post today about the vegan shoe line Cri De Coeur, I've been madly in love with this line of shoes myself. I adore the heels pictured Brett's post below and wanted to give you guys a few more pictures to drool over: Voila!
(All Images:

Eco-Fashionista: Cri De Coeur!

Cri de Coeur // Cry Of The Heart

Vegan Shoes. It doesn’t elicit quite a beautiful picture, does it? It makes me think of …well, anything but a fashionable shoe. I am a shoe snob. I admit it. As an avid collector of new and used shoes, I can’t help but look at the feet of others. I love buttery Italian Leathers, and exotic animal hides, and am jealous of those that can afford those! I’m a woman for god sake!! I have been hearing more and more about these so-called Vegan Shoes, so I decided to check them out, once and for all.
I understand the reasoning behind Vegan Shoes. Shoes and sneakers come with their own set of environmental ramifications. Leather is heavily exported out of developing countries. I don’t think I need to go through the process of letting you know how many global warming agents are emitted when so much fossil fuel is burned to shop these shoe parts around the world. But perhaps a little history might be better to go along with it?
Leather production used to be made by leather tanning in tiny cobbler stores within cities. This process used vegetable based tans, a process that could take up to two years. Now, however, it takes about two days with a chemical soup comprised mainly of chromium, a cancer-causing agent. Still not convinced? So you’ll wear flip-flops? What about PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride is the plastic parts incorporated in a lot of footwear. The problem is not so much at the beginning of the life of the shoe but at the end, when disposed. Rarely recycled, it is burned and the dioxins generated are chlorine-based carcinogens that are recognized as the most toxic chemicals in production. Once airborne, it can be deposited in water, through air, digesting, ingested…..
So…perhaps I have your attention. What can you do?
Vegan shoes are made out of a high-tech synthetic micro-fiber material blended from polyamide fibers and polyurethane, which, though sound intense, have less impact on human and environmental health.
But are they cute? Will they hold up to the mean streets of the city?
After searching, I found out that vegetable shoes, so to speak, can, in fact, be a great looking shoe. Gina Ferraraccio, designer of Cri de Coeur, a vegetarian and owner of a vegan footwear line, hails from Washington, DC. She designed this with handmade paddock ankle booties, t-strap heels, and gladiator wedges, all made from sueded micro-fiber, cotton canvas, and nontoxic water-based glues.
You can find the line on her wind-powered website, What’s even more fantastic? She has partnered with For each pair of shoes sold, a tree will be planted to offset carbon emissions. All shoes are hand-stitched in a factory in Portugal by local women, and all office materials and packaging are made from recycled materials.

To view the complete collection, since I can’t cut and paste the shoe, view:

Ivy Coatings

One brand I was happy to see was Ivy Coatings, a made in Brooklyn fast curing zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint company. Their parent company is IBPNA (International Building Products North America). IBPNA is a manufacturer & distributor of environmentally responsible building supplies (including plywood, molding and zero VOC paint). The paint has almost no odor when applying and none when dry. Whites are tintable with zero VOC colorants. Purchasing them locally (if you live locally of course) is keeping fuel costs and emissions down. Plus you get a beautifully painted home!

Check out their site:

(Image: paint can

Go Green Expo

Kevin and I swung by the Go Green Expo today in New York City. We paid $10 bucks each to spend a few hours walking around the exhibit hall meeting people and seeing what's going on. The vendors ranged from car companies showing off their hybrid cars to small business owners peddling their handmade goods. I collected tons of information on brands I never heard of and was please to see brands I love already like Preserve, Organic Valley and Earth Friendly. Kevin did some business for work, meeting some people working for companies that might be compatible with the green initiatives he's working on. All in all it was a great experience.

Daily Eco

When redecorating seek out zero VOC paints and earth friendly materials, they will benefit not only the earth, but it will make for a healthier home as well.

Nature Inspiration

Advance To Go: Monopoly Steps It Up

Here's yet another article I pulled from ecorazzi, one my favorite eco-blogs!

Monopoly is ditching the standby utility companies: Water Works & Electric company in favor of Solar and Wind energy! It seems that even Americas board games are picking up on the environmental state of mind. Check out the rest of this article for more.

I Heart Tom's Shoes

I've been wanting to write a post on Tom's Shoes for ages, finally he's done something not only socially responsible but eco friendly too! Ya Tom's Shoes!

Blake Mycoskie, Tom's Shoe founder has been making shoes since March 2006. He's philosophy is this: Sell shoes, give shoes. He sells his shoes for roughly $40 bucks then donates a pair to a child who needs it all around the world. He was inspired while travelling and picked up the idea in Argentina by copying the shoes he saw kids wearing. He added rubber soles and some spiffy colors and patterns and bam! Great shoes with a soul.

Blake has now taken it to the next level by creating a shoe made with hemp. And to quote my post on the benefits of hemp:

Hemp also has huge environmental benefits as well. Because the plant is resistant to insects they require no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. This helps reduce the runoff of chemicals into our waterways and into the soil. And unlike conventionally grown (non-organic) cotton, hemp does not deplete the soil of rich nutrients. Just to make this point hit home, ½ of all agricultural chemicals sprayed in this country are on conventionally grown cotton. Enough said.

These shoe make great gifts and they also make adorable kids versions, hemp or not, I love Tom's Shoes! Check out this great picture of Blake with the kids who inspire him (I have to admit I might have a little crush on Blake)



Daily Eco

Cook dinner in instead of constantly getting takeout. Think of all of the takeout containers that are used for mere minutes then get tossed. Consider bringing your own tupperware to have them use, it may seem odd at first, but once they hear your reasons I am sure they'll smile!

Flock Eco: Green Surfing

Now you can browse the internet through an eco-friendly web browser called Flock Eco! I can't wait to download this free application tonight when I get home.

Check out the page:

The browser comes completely loaded with eco-content. 10% of the $'s they make goes to the eco-charity of your choice.

Eco-fy Your Big Day v.1

Kevin and I are now deep into wedding planning mode. There was a few months of relaxing and not really doing too much except for a few things here and there, but we are now getting back in the game, full steam ahead.

We are planning as green of a wedding as we can afford and create. We are trying to work environmentally and socially responsible aspects into each part of our wedding, from our registry items to using local produce and flowers.

I've been noticing a small buzz around "green weddings" and it's great that magazines and websites are trying to inject some green tips into their massive content, but I find it quite annoying that there's the wedding planning sections and then separately there's green wedding planning. What needs to happen for example is the idea of using local flowers to cut down on fuel usage shouldn't be "green tip" but merely a flower tip.These ideas shouldn't separate!

In the next few months, I will be posting about the green choices we've made toward a greener wedding. Right now I am looking into what flowers are available locally and in season. Even if you're not planning a wedding, I hope these ideas and tips can be translated into birthday parties, baby showers and any large or small event you may be throwing or attending!

Daily Eco

Have a lot of random vegetables in the fridge, make a big salad! Pick up a missing ingrediant but try to use all you have before it goes bad.

Earth Day 22 #22: Why Yes It's You!

I find nothing more calming than looking at trees, particularly lying down and gazing at them from below. I love how they are reaching up to the sky with endless possibilities. Those inspirations are what move people to make changes in their lives, changes that will help save the earth.

I've been thinking about today's Earth Day post since I began the Earth Day 22 countdown. What is important enough to be my # 1? What makes enough of a difference and enough of animpact to stand out amongst the rest. I finally found my answer:

You are the most important way to make a difference in this world. I can't stress enough the importance and sheer reality of the single change making all the difference. While nature is by no means a silent observer (this can be seen with the growing number of storms, hurricanes and life threatening disasters) it is the human voice that will ring the bell causing a ripple effect of change that will be felt around the world.

Listen carefully, nature is speaking to you. Can you hear it? Can you heart the wind howling, the birds singing, the rain falling around you, the ocean crashing against the shore, can you hear the voices speaking to you, asking for your attention?

Nature will outlive us, it will take back the earth we have destroyed. Selflessly though it is speaking out asking for the human race to stick around longer, to enjoy it's beauty and bath in it's sunlight.

Each day do your part, you owe it to yourself and the world around you.

As we are heading toward an election that may be the most important direction our country will take after a very long painful 8 years of policy making and governing, please listen how the candidates respond to questions revolving around the environment. Really look at how the future looks in their eyes. It is more important than every before.

Here's a beautiful line from Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken that struck me as I read it this morning on the train to work,
No culture has ever honored its environment but disgraced its people, and conversely, no government can say it cares for its citizens while allowing the environment to be trashed.
As we celebrate this earth day today, I realize that our environment IS in fact, trashed. What does that say about the government? What does that say about how strongly our vote matters, and how important it is to push forward an agenda that supports the environment and it's people.

Take a moment today to think about this. That's all I could hope for. Happy Earth Day.


Happy Earth Day!!!

(Images: ,,,,,

Earth Day Happenings

While Earth Day is NOT about consumerism and should never become a "shopping" holiday, I do believe in supporting companies that do good things for the earth as well as their customers. Regardless of the day people still need clothing and cleaning products, so don't feel too bad shopping on Earth Day, as long as what you're purchasing supports a good cause and helps you change your daily outlook on going green.

Here are some Earth Day goings-on that I've found: is offering up to 40% off their green & natural product lines, so now's the time to stock up on the cleaning products and skincare you've been meaning to pick up. The sale ends April 25th.

Home Depot is giving away free reusable tote bags and are offering 10% off their awesome product lines when you type in earthday08 upon checkout

If you hear of anymore great deals, events or fun things concerning Earth Day, please comment so we can all read!

Earth Day 22 #21 I'll Drink To That

Looking for the answers in the bottom of a bottle? Go ahead, as long as the bottle houses organic booze that is.

Square One Vodka is crafted from 100% organic American rye. Allison Evanow was inspired by how her Northern California community embraced the environment and took it upon herself to infuse the liquor industry with her brand of socially and ecologically responsible ideas.

Square One Vodka is bottled in non-frosted glass (most are in frosted glass which requires lots of chemicals in the process), the labels are made from bamboo, bagasse and sustainably grown cotton. In addition to the bottles and vodka, the company uses 25% wind generated power and sponsors green conferences & events such as Global Green and the Lohas 10 Conference.

The founder, Allison and I have been emailing back and forth as I write this, it's amazing how accessible she was and how important it was to her to speak directly to me about the company's mission to make their impact just a little bit lighter. Go Allison!

The next time you're heading to a house party or just need the bring back cocktail hour, grab a bottle of Square One Vodka and drink to a step towards a better tomorrow. Cheers!
For tons more infomation and a great introduction into their company ideals check their site:

Earth Day Resolutions Begin at Sunrise

I am so excited to have been able to share with you my favorite Earth Day products, ideas and websites in the Earth Day 22 countdown. I am finding myself making Eco-Resolutions today to put into place, not unlike New Year's I think we all have resolutions worth sticking to. I urge you to take up just 1 resolution. It WILL make the difference. Here are 5 more ideas that you may not be doing already that you can start tomorrow to undertake, see how it goes, it could become your new way of life.

1. Consider composting, take a few minutes to do some online research about how easy it can be, especially if you don't live in a tiny apartment like me. If composting isn't your cup of tea, consider donating your kitchen scraps to a community compost. I'm looking into that myself and hopefully in the next few weeks I will be donating my kitchen scraps to a neighborhood compost pile.

2. Speak up at work about the amount of wasted paper you see daily tossed. Even if it's going into the recycle bin. Sometimes it's hard to take action but it's important to be a voice.

3. Make the vow: it can be anything really, to buy only grass-fed beef, recycled paper towels, organic skin & hair care, soy-based printer ink, rechargeable batteries, whatever it may be, make the vow and stick to it, whatever the annoyance factor may be of seeking the item out!

4. If you're not finding what you are looking for at your favorite restaurants or grocery store, ASK, speak up and say, "why don't you sell grass-fed beef" or "where does this milk come from" the more you ask, the more likely the light bulb will go off in their minds that maybe it matters!

5. Tell a friend about Urban Branches, hey it may help change their outlook. (Shameless, but eco-friendly paperless advertising right there!)

Earth Day 22 #20 Regifting Transformed

It's that time of year again, weddings, Mother's day, Father's day and a few Summer birthdays...Oh what to get!

We've all regifted before, this time regifting in a new way. Give a gift that had a previous life and has been transformed into something new and beautiful. Viva Terra sells this stunning recycled glass wine carafe w/ 4 tumblers. They are beautifully etched and have a real rustic look. I adore them. Total cost $100.

Viva Terra has got the perfect gift for all occasions! They always have the environment in mind, and they choose the purest and most sustainable materials for all products. You can choose to have your items wrapped in recycled craft paper or reusable silk. So lovely. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive something this thoughtful?

Check out their site


Nature Inspiration

Earth Day 22 #19 Go Ahead, Turn Me On!

This should be an easy switch for everyone! CFL's or Compact Fluorescent light bulbs should be the only light bulbs sold at all in my opinion! They consume 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than regular light bulbs! The reason: regular light bulbs run on 350 degrees while CFL's run on 90 degrees. That being said, finish the bulbs you've got before switching, I am a strong believer in using what you have when you have it. Kevin and I have finally after about a year switched all of our bulbs, no turning back...

You can find CFL bulbs everywhere nowadays from your local hardware store to Target and Home Depot. There's no excuse!


Daily Eco

Buy larger bottles instead of the regular sizes and refill. I may have even Daily Eco-ed this before, this is how important it is! Sometimes you gotta look a bit harder but when you find the brands that sell in larger sizes, stick to them!

Earth Day 22 #18 Tres Chic

I know I did a reusable bag yesterday, but I keep coming across ones I really do love, (ok maybe I do have an addiction) I had to do another!
If you've been to France you know that men and women carry reusable straw-like grocery bags when they run their local errands instead of using paper or plastic like us Americans....
In fact, the bags are so stylish that I bought one at Olive & Co. in Provence a few years back to use as my summer tote. I thought I'd see if they were easily available online, and boy did I find tons of links!
Here are 2 I thought I would share: ( I Googled "French market totes")

A classic handled hand woven tote $28 at
A double strapped (pictured above) bag $34.95 from
I adore mine, it's small making it perfect as a small handbag as well! I can't wait until the first day when I can wear a summer dress, sandals and head to the green market with my gorgeous french market tote in one hand and a lemonade in the other, ahhh summer is coming!

Horay! Planet Green Launches Online

The much anticipated Discovery Channel Planet Green has launched their online site! The 24 hour eco-lifestyle TV channel will launch in June 2008. That's right around the corner! In the meantime enjoy the content rich website, sign up for their newsletter and enjoy the ever growing wealth of knowledge, interest and activity surrounding ecofying your lifestyle. Enjoy information on topics ranging from Fashion & Beauty, Tech & Transport to Traval & Outdoor.
Check out their site NOW!

Earth Day Events: Old T-Shirt = 20% off Loomstate Clothing

Recycle your old T-shirt for 20% off Loomstate clothing! Now through the 27th at Barneys Nationwide!!
Proceeds from the program go to 1% for the Planet a great organization.

Here's a link to the article for much more information: Check it out!

Also check out Loomstate for a look at their clothing:

Earth Day 22 #17: Flip & Tumble

Flip and Tumble. The name alone pulled me in! Flip and Tumble is a great line of reusable grocery/shopping totes that literally fold up to be about the size of a sock ball, and they happen to look very close to a sock ball when flipped correctly!

The directions are as follows (in my own words)

1. place your hand in the hand sized flap inside and scrunch up the bag in your hand
2. wrap the first flap over
3. wrap the second flap over
4. see your bag transform into a small easy to transport ball!

The bags are $12 bucks and with a flat rate shipping of $4 (up to 3 in that shipment) it's a must.

The bags come in great colors as well:

Oh, and at the end of the bags wonderful life, you can send the bag back and they'll recycle it for you.
Check out their site at

What's New on Urban Branches?

You may have seen some new applications on the blog. I've been working hard to keep Urban Branches new and exciting by trying out new features such as the box in the left column. I will be rotating 10 products at a time, all products that I have blogged about or plan on blogging about. You can click to buy from directly from there! I hope this is something you all will grow to love and use at your leisure.

I've also recently added Google Link ads between my posts on the 1st page. I choice to do this because the ads are extremely relevant (most of the time) to what I am posting about and my blog in general and it's a great opportunity to highlight companies and products across the Internet that you and I may have never gotten around to finding. So I hope the ads are not intrusive but are helpful at locating interesting information and environmentally responsible products!

I have really enjoyed the Earth Day 22 Countdown, we have a few more days to go, what's up next? You'll have to wait and see...

Thanks again for reading....


NYC: Caravan Earth Day Event

If you're in NYC this coming weekend, check out Caravan 128 E.91st street for their earth day events, tons of educational experience and things to do...

Thank my Eco-Fashionista for passing this one along....

Eco-Fashionista: Urban Zen Initiative

Urban Zen ( is devoted to raising awareness and inspiring change. Albeit on a small scale, but if all of us combine our efforts, it would literally make a world of difference.

I’m so excited to tell you about Urban Zen Initiative. I’m whole heartedly obsessed with this company (and if anyone is reading this and knows an in for me in the company, I swear to you I’ll name my first child, and maybe second, after you).

Urban Zen Initiative is a 100% non-for-profit company whose mission is to raise awareness and inspire change. Founded in 2006 by Donna Karan as a separate entity to her already amazing fashion empire, it serves as a catalyst for collaboration to provide funding for these three areas: Well-Being, Preserving Cultures and Empowering Children.

*Well-Being: The Urban Zen Initiative helps support programmes that advance integrative medicine by treating patients through the combined efforts of eastern and western medicine. For example, they help support and distribute a series of Bravewell Collaborative integrative medicine training videos for healthcare providers.

*Preserving Cultures: The Company helps various cultures maintain their rich and vibrant identities supporting programmes that help local communities around the world preserve their unique cultural heritage while participating in global development efforts. For example, Urban Zen helps sustain small villages in Africa by buying jewelry directly from the women who make them. (And let me tell you, it’s the most amazing jewelry).

*Empowering Children: Most importantly, I think, they help give children around the hope through opportunities to cultivate and reach their true potential by various education programmes.

In essence, it’s a clothing store that sells really great clothes, jewelry, incense, etc. A very holistic, well-being store, if you will. But it’s the backbone of the company that makes it something amazing. They are constantly working on and launching pilot programmes at Beth Israel Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center that study integrative medical practices. They host events such as Hope – a fundraising lunch for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. They have yoga and Kabala workshops for adults and children, and so much more. It’s an amazing platform to learn, inspire, grow from and help. And I can’t describe it any better. SO buy, help, and spread the word to help CREATE CHANGE.
The Urban Zen store is located at the Stephan Weiss Studio on Greenwich St. Visit their site

Daily Eco

If you're going to use ziplock bags at all, please reuse them! I bring a zip lock of crackers to work and I reuse the bag, I rinse and dry the bags in the dish dyer. Easy Peasy.

(The reason I bring the baggie in the first place is I am already bringing 2 other tupperwares each day, my bag gets so stuffed with square shaped boxes, something had to give!)

Earth Day 22 #16 Deliver Me Organic

While it’s great to be able to buy all you ever wanted at a store close to your house, it isn’t always the case. There’s tons of beauty companies going online now, offering their wares a click away. Finally there’s a skincare site offering solely organic/biodynamic products/product lines! Whoohoo! sells a bunch of great organic lines, including Jurlique, Dr.Hauschka, John Master’s Organics and Pangea Organics.
The site sells a full range of products for hair, body, face, bath & shower, wellness and aromatherapy. Kristin Binder hand selects each product and product line herself, all must pass the 3-step process:

*Purity- ingredients are organic/biodynamic with no questionable chemicals/toxins
*Quality- all the ingredients are beneficial, no ingredients are watered down
*Effectiveness- does the product work like it says
The product companies must comply also with a high standard of environmental specifications ranging from using recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible, tracking the origin of ingredients to ensure their up to environmental standards, third party organic certifications, and no animal derived products (with the exception of honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, milk, lanolin and royal jelly which can be derived without harm to the animal)

The site is beautiful and easy to use, you can also choose 2-5 free samples on your way to checkout! She guarantees her products up to 60 days and if you spend $100 you get free shipping, lovely indeed.
Call some friends and go in on it together, reduce the energy to ship multiple boxes and the cost of shipping could be free! Have organic products delivered right to your doorstep, what could be easier than that?

Ahh! Lovely.

Daily Eco

Regift! That bottle of wine you don't want, the candle you hate the scent of, or that journal or vase you can't find use for... Easy, slap a ribbon on it and poof, housewarming gift! Just make sure you don't give it back to the person who gave it to you!

Earth Day 22 #15 From Dirty to Green

Burt's Bees makes a whole bunch of yummy products, but today I am highlighting my newest favorite. Their Naturally Nourishing Milk & Shea Butter Hand Soap. It says right on the bottle that it's made from 98% natural ingredients, isn't it nice they tell you exactly instead of greenwashing us by just saying "made with natural ingredients" like most companies will. My criteria for hand soap all year round is that it's moisturizing, I hate using hand lotion so my soap has got to be softening and soothing. This stuff moisturizes as it cleans and because it's made from defatted cow's milk it softens and soothes, just like I need.

The bottle is made from 80% post consumer recycled material and of course there's no animal testing! This product is also sodium lauryl sulfate free, paraben free and phthalate free! Yippee!

Check out this and many more products on


Daily Eco

Have a "clean out the fridge" or "rummage" night where you scour the cabinets and fridge to create a meal. Saves you money and helps reduce waste!

Eco Fashionista: The Grass is Always Greener


City dwellers long to sit in a patch of grass in the sun; any park that has a grassy knoll is used like the beach. Brunches are coveted on summer weekends just to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Lord knows after grueling winters in New York, no one wants to be cooped up in their small apartments any more. But what about bringing a little bit of green into your home to satiate the longing to be outside? What can be more eco-friendly than bringing sanity into one’s life?

Metaphys, a Scandinavian inspired company, created these wall hangings where inside each frame is a tray of growing medium, described as sponge balls filled with nutrients (and not soil, I assume).
Sold at for a mere 65$ these wall hangings were created to mimic the Japanese garden obsession with greening the living space. It’s a minor change for a major concept. It’s not news that plants within the apartment help with CO2 levels. Following the Japanese mantra, plants are also supposed to evoke happiness, and more oxygen around the house never hurt anyone!
So with the depletion of ozone, and in a dirty city, it makes sense to have more plants around. Now you can change the world, one room at a time!


Earth Day 22 #14 Under Pressure

We all know by now to take shorter showers to save water and energy (you know, the energy that's used to heat that steamy hot water you like so much) Take it to the next level with Oxygenics shower heads. Kevin and I bought one maybe a year ago for our apartment bathroom and we love it. How Oxygenics works is as the water is coming out oxygen increases the velocity of the water, thus increasing water pressure with less water! Magic huh! Here the some raw numbers (oh I sound like Anderson Cooper!):

For the average home of 4 people, the water savings hits 40,150 gallons and 209 energy therms per year! That's a total savings of $296.52!

There are a few different styles and prices to choose from, we bought the TriSpa Series and love it, no build up and no upkeep! Check out for yourself!


Earth Day 22 #13 Plant Me Organic

So you don't have your own compost (yet) but you can have natural organic soil to grow your plants, herbs and flowers. Kevin and I are growing basil for our homemade pizza and I can't imagine growing edible food in just any old soil (and by any old I mean soil full of chemicals that I will end up eating!).

Miracle Grow now makes Organic Potting Soil. There are many smaller companies that make similar products, but I do understand that this post is reaching people all over the country and I have to appeal to the ability for most of you to be able to find this. So if you can find organic potting soil at your local nursery that helps support a small business, go for it!

We picked up a bag of this soil a few weeks back, and I am practically counting the minutes to start planting all the flowers I have been dreaming about all winter long! Ahh!


Daily Eco

Use your old jars for cups, candle holders or clutter organizers! I love jars and we use them throughout our house for storing qtips, paper clips and hair pins. Start to see your "garbage" as new again by reinventing its use.

Earth Day 22 #12: Lather Rinse Repeat

Finally earth friendly hair care products are making their way into the drugstores more and more. Gone are the days of hard to find natural haircare!

Organix Haircare has been around for a few years, and they have an amazingly diverse line of hair care in delicious scents ranging from pomegranate, coconut, citrus to my favorite vanilla. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, styling aids, nourishing hair treatments and more....

The products include tons of organic ingrediants for your tresses. All products are sulfate free meaning less dry out for your locks! Enough said.

Check out their site at


Spring Begins to Bloom in The City!

Earth Day 22 #11: Magic Soap

No visit to a health food store would be complete without seeing the Dr. Bronner’s Soap shelf. His bottles of liquid soap are always there, happily enticing you with their delicious natural scents and “All-In-One” promise. Dr. Bronner and his soaps just celebrating their 60th anniversary this year! The product line includes Classic Liquid & Bar soaps, Hand & Body Lotion, Hair Care, Lip Balms, Body Balms, Shaving Gel, Baby & Sensitive Care and Home Surface Cleaner.

His Classic Liquid Soap famously has 18 uses ranging from body cleanser, laundry detergent to toothpaste and shampoo. Scents include Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender and newly introduced Rose. They are bottled in 100% post consumer recycled bottles and paper labels. You’ll also notice the USDA Organic and Fair Trade stamps on the packaging as well!
Above all else Dr. Bronner says, “Cleanliness is Godliness” and he’s mantras are written across his jam packed labels, full of interesting tidbits of information and his personal “Moral ABC’s”

My favorite quote on the bottle is “Towel Massage Body Always Toward Your Heart”
Dr.Bronner’s soaps are tried and true. With the growing number of new products on the market, it’s important to support the old favorites and let them know we still love them.

(Image of Bottle:

Eco Fashionista- Till Next Week

My lovely Eco-Fashionista is off being fabulous and will get this week's post to you by Monday or Tuesday, apologies for the tardiness, but she's gotta keep up with the goings on too ya know. Till then...

Daily Eco

Bring a set of silverwear to the office so you don't resort to plastic ones. Better yet, bring your own cloth napkin from home to wrap them in to transport. I am planning on making this switch myself!

Earth Day 22 #10: Couple Voted Most Likely to Be Together Forever

Luna & Clif, what an adorable couple they make. Luna is sweet and sassy and Clif is hearty and satisfying. These 2 different snack and energy bars are delicious! Luna is for the ladies, and you guessed it, Clif is for the men out there. (And yes, men can eat Luna’s and women can eat Clif’s, they are simply full of nutrients that are more geared to women or men)

Both not only are made from organic and natural ingredients but they give back to the community as well. Here’s a list of just some of their partnerships: The Breast Cancer Fund, Pure Prevention, Health Child Healthy World, Greenhouse Network, Organic Farming Research Foundation and 1% for the Planet. Phew, and that’s only a snippet! And if that wasn’t enough here are some more facts:

*environmentally responsible packaging

*Uses renewable energy & plants trees

*Ingredients produced w/o chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, no synthetic hormones or genetically modified organism (also know as GMO’s)

My favorite is the Luna Tea Cakes and the regular Luna bar in Iced Oatmeal Raison, yum! They sell these everywhere and if you can’t find it check out their websites to find out store locaters.
Luna Bar:
Clif Bar:

(Image of Cliff Bar:
(Image of Luna Bar: