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New Years Resolution: Read More Books

Read more books on the environment, sustainable farming, local foods, eco-chic ways of living! Pick up your books at the local library, used bookstore or ask around to see if anyone already owns them as a way of saving money and paper. I just started going to the library, and I love it, I've already read a few books that I would have otherwise spent money on, ya! Juliette has her own little card too and we get her new books each week!

Here are few to start you off

Righteous Porkchop by: Nicolette Hahn Niman - an indepth look at factory farming and the wonderful alternatives. Great if you've ever dined on delicious Niman Ranch meat.

Garbage Land by: Elizabeth Royte - a great look at where your trash ends up, made me totally rethink trash, trash workers and the vast amount of stuff I seem to accumulate. Must keep working to keep that amount down.

Gorgeously Green by: Sophie Uliano -  the total package, a full on DIY how to live gorgeously and green. Make your own beauty products!

Fact Shocker: 80% of Antibiotics in the US Given to Animals

The price of cheap meat: 80% of all US Antibiotics Given to Farm Animals. No joke. And that goes TO YOU. And while you may think these animals need these antibiotics, they don't. The way they are raised (factory farms, confinement, no fresh air etc.) causes them to have many many many illnesses/disease that would never occur in their natural habitat (or on small sustainable farms). Read this article. now.

Happy Holidays

Image from on my favorite blogs, Design Sponge

Food Safety Act: 18 Changes

You may have heard about the latest food safety victory, but you may not know what exactly is going to change. Well I read a great article on The Huffington Post, and wanted to share it. 

Click here to read the article! Food Safety Act: 18 Changes to Food Safety The New Law Will Bring

Here are some highlights:

* The FDA can now order a recall, whereas before it was more of a voluntary thing the company did themselves

* The FDA will increase the number of inspections. They also must report to Congress this information.

* People sharing information about unsafe situations will be protected when coming forward

OMG I've Still Got Shopping To Do Ideas!

Ok, so you've planned, scanned the stores and still have a few items left to buy. But, you've got to finish the long day at work, pack for your long flight home or drive home and somehow try to enjoy yourself at the holiday party you promised to attend (with a smile!). Never fear, there are lots of easy, cute and eco-friendly gifts you can pick up near you, I promise! Here are some ideas

Drugstore pickups (I adore a good drug store, especially the small European style boutique-y ones. I've got a few walking distance from me, and I've also got some big name pharmacies as well. Whatever you have near you, you can pick up a few goodies.

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Set (Image)

Makes a great gift for EVERYONE! (Image)

Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, lovely stocking stuffer (Image)

Show those you love, you care how they feel this Winter! (Image)

Splurge on the hair care products your loved ones never buys for themselves, stock the house with delicious smelling candles, purchase Method hand soap for everyone in a different bright color! There's lots of ideas, you just gotta go out and find them. Enjoy!

LunchSkins: Wrap me Up {Review}

Life is about toting stuff around, from place to place it seems, and now that I've had a baby, I have haul around stuff for 2. It's a lot. One thing I am constantly tucking into my extra large canvas bag are snacks for Juliette, we are often out for hours and hours and I can't rely to buying food wherever I am (nor would I want to drop that kind of cash!). I have only used a few plastic disposable bags since she's been born for her snacks and I'd like to keep it that way, but toting around 4+ mini bpa-free storage containers and snack cups can get bulky to say the least. I'd been looking for some alternative to washing out plastic bags each night to reuse. Then the folks at Lunchskins kindly sent me a reusable sandwich bag to try out, and I am a hooked!

The bags are certified food-safe fabric, are hand sewn right here in the USA and come in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes. They are dishwasher safe,  lead-free and of course bpa-free and phthalate-free. I love their patterns and colors! I've been using it for a few days now and love how easy they are to get into (velcro, tight enough to keep snacks fresh and too tough for my 15 month old to open!) and easy to clean, a swipe of a sponge and it's clean!

They are not just for snacks/food, oh no. They can be used to wrangle up any items  you'd normally toss into a disposable plastic bag (travel sized shampoo and conditioner say!) They make great stocking stuffers too, use them as gift wrap for your small gifts this year! 

Ok, so besides looking super cute and being great for our lives, they are a great gift to the planet. The stats speak for themselves. Each day 20 million (million!) disposable plastic bags are tossed into landfills each year, and that's just in the US alone. Please repeat that outloud to realize the magnitude of that number. 20 million PER DAY. It's time to take the small step to reducing your contribution to that number. Seriously.  They are not online lessening the trash but they give back as well, donating 1% of their online sales profits to C&O Canal Trust, an organization that protects and restores the historic C&O Canal near the nation's capital!

You can buy them at The Container Store, some Whole Foods and on the LunchSkins website, also, click here for more retailer information.

Oh and it's a company run by women, love this.

Photo Booth Fun

Sometimes you gotta take a moment to have some fun with your little sweetiepie, and in this case that meant having some photo booth fun with the computer. Enjoy!

Paris vs. New York OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!

All images from Paris vs New York

Holiday Giving: Eco Finds Online

There are a TON of these sale sights online, Gilt, HauteLook, MiniSocial, BeyondTheRack, Swirl...the list goes on and on....and I seem to be a member of them all. I don't buy too often, but when I do it's always something deeply discounted that I've been wanting for ages, like the boots that took years to find (yay HauteLook!) or the precious little pale pink dress for Juliette I could never afford full price (Thanks Gilt!). So I thought with the holiday shopping still looming for most I'd offer up my favorite eco-picks from a few of my favorite online sale sites. I've included an invitation to each site, which if clicked on I earn spending money just by you using them! So get to shopping, for us both.
Kor Water Bottle Swirl Price $30 (Comes in many colors)

Stripped Baggu Bag Swirl Price $8  
Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes Swirl Price $11

I simply ADORE pinstripes, I'm happy to see it making the pages of every magazine, but I thought it was my little secret, not so when it's made it onto reusable bags! Baggu, which fold up nice and neat has a few for sale on Swirl, the brainchild of Daily Candy. Also on Swirl, these design-savvy reusable water bottles by Kor and a year's supple of Bamboo toothbrushes! Click here for the invitation link

Wood Snail Mini Social Price $20
MiYim Organic Giraffe Lovie Mini Social Price $8

The Mini Social is THE spot for kids brands that are both beautifully made and on trend. They carry lots of great brands and almost always h an eco-chic products for sale. My favorites include these Manny & Simon toys and MiYim plush animals. Here is your invitation link! Enjoy!

Gift Guide: Apple & Bee For Everyone!

Ok, so you've been inundated with dozens of gift guides all over the web, in your inbox in mailbox. Gift giving is supposed to be fun remember, not stressful! Finding that perfect gift can really bring me joy, and there's nothing like finding more than 1 at the same time. Voila! Found. Apple & Bee makes the most darling organic cotton totes, cosmetic cases, kids satchels and nappy changing pads not to mention cute little coin purses and stationary! They do it all, and I want it all!!! Here's a little sample of my favorites for everyone on your list.

Airmail Tote

Kids Satchel, sooo adorable! Comes in 3 colors!

Embroidered Coin Purse, so sweet!
Kids Cosmetic Bag - for diapers and the like

100% Recycled Cards
Foldout Cosmetic Bag
Men's Cosmetic Tote
And here's what's on my wish list from Apple & Bee

Apples Tote
Elephant Cosmetic Bag