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Small Changes by Kee Ka {Review}

Everyone warned me that Juliette would grow out of everything extremely fast and I didn't really believe them much.

*sigh, I was wrong!

Each week I pull out clothes that no longer snap, sleeves that don't reach and pants that are now shorts. The money I am spending on clothing has gone down as I realize how fast she's growing. When I see something I just must have I make sure to buy it for Spring or Summer so she'll get the most use out of it as I know her growth will slow down a bit.

While I'm cutting back for sure I am still trying to find organic and eco-friendly materials for her. I'm a member of a few online baby/kids sale sites and have scored some Kicky Pants Bamboo coveralls for around $10 dollars each (well below their retail price) and scour the used clothing bins for organic onsies. Though I am realizing I need a few new things for her and am not sure I'll be able to wait for sales or dig through the used baby clothes bins. Do my delight I have discovered a relatively affordable organic baby company yesterday! Small Change Organics made by Kee Ka! I love Kee-Ka but find their prices a bit high, so I was positively smitten with Small Changes. The line is full of bright onsies, rompers, bibs, hats and pants. The saturated colors don't scream 'baby' and that makes me happy!

Small Changes is available at Land of Nod online.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Kiss your loved ones and hug them a little longer than usual. Cozy up to the fire and share cookies over cups of hot cocoa...

Nature makes the most beautiful decoration...

Sexy Metallic Tyvek Tote

Any gal on your holiday list will just adore this metallic reusable bag, she'll use it every day I swear!

Click here to buy!

Dress Your Eco-Baby In Kicky Pants {Review}

When I became pregnant I vowed my baby would wear as much organic and eco clothing as I could afford, look stylish and adorable and never ever sport tacky baby clothes.

I started my research early on and found many brands I fell in love with. One such brand was Kicky Pants. I not only loved their brand name but instantly coveted their clothing. They use bamboo, an amazingly eco fabric! Their prints are exactly what I was looking for. My rule of thumb with most of my daughter's clothing is that if the print is something I'd sport I love it. I don't generally like overly baby baby clothes, leaning more towards darling colors and soft fabrics.

Their designs are drool worthy and patterns to die for! Juliette was brought home from the hospital in Kicky Pants Plum colored bamboo coveralls. Even the nurse at the hospital gushed over our outfit choice. Since then I've bought Juliette 2 more pairs of coveralls and my sister bought her a dress for when she's a little bit older.

I love Kicky Pants because they use sustainable fabrics and because they use beautiful muted colors on their oh so soft clothing. They remain of my favorite baby brands, I look forward to dressing little Juliette up in their many beautiful items. Check out their website for more info and to see more of their offerings.

(Image 1, Image 2)

J'adore Nettleton Hollow + 35% off!

I love decorating with things from nature. I have birch branches & bark in my home as well as antlers and collected shells too. It's fun collecting these things yourself, but when you live in a city it's not always easy. Never fear, Nettleton Hollow is here to help! They sell a beautiful collection of dried flowers, fruits, foliage and branches. They are the leading provider of lasting botanicals. They are based in Brooklyn too, what up!

Just today I received a code for 30% off their lovely branches & botanicals from Daily Candy. What better time! Pick up some stunning and unique gifts this holiday. Here's the code: THANKSDAILYCANDY

(Images-Nettleton Hollow)

Green Giving: Gift Guide Continued...

No matter what you celebrate, gift giving can be stressful, especially as the shopping days are numbered. No need to worry when there's tons of great eco-gifts available. I've done the leg work for you and found some great gift & stocking stuffer ideas!

For Kids & Babies

Kee-Ka organic baby/kids clothes, sheets & towels. I'm loving their Peanut collection, cause I call my little Juliette peanut for short.

Oompa is the place to go for baby/kids toys. They have an organic & eco-friendly section where you can stock up on toys that children love. My picks? The Under The Nile Veggie Crate for $25.99 and the adorable wooden Pull Along Zebra for $19.99

For your Pets
Show your pooch you love them with this recycled doggie bone called RecycleBone. Made from discarded rubber in the making of chew toys this one is a perfect treat!

Going to a holiday party? Treat the hostess!
Stray from the obvious with these brightly colored bowls made from organically grown bamboo and natural lacquer. Made by Bambu.

Impress with reincarnated beer bottles made into tea light holders, they are stunning. From Viva Terra

For your Secret Santa/Gift Exchange

Brighten someone's day with a beautifully packaged organic soap from Nostalgia Organics. Beautiful, organic and under your $10 buck price limit!

Tap into their snack side with Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies made with organic ingredients from One Lucky Duck.

For ideas closer to home, check out your local drugstore and pick up nationally available brands such as Eco-Tools, Burt's Bees, Method and Mrs. Meyer's for great ideas for anyone on your gift list.

I Heart Trees

There's nowhere I'd rather be than lying on the grass, gazing up at beautiful trees as the clouds rush by...


Green Giving: Gift Guide

Time to get your shop on! Why not take this opportunity to buy green this holiday season. As more and more companies go green with their wares it's becoming easier and easier to incorporate earth friendly items into your gift list. Here are 20 gift ideas for you!

For Anyone
Flip & Tumble- Take reusable bags to the next level with these colorful and fun bags that roll up into a ball for easy storage. I've had one for a few years and couldn't love mine more! ps. check out the website for a great how to video

Aquaovo- Double walled Thermo-Bottle you can use for hot & cold beverages

Purely Elizabeth- For the foodie in your life, stuff their stocking with these all natural, super healthy & gluten free mixes. My pick? Blueberry Maple Muffins. Yum! Or pick up this book and start a new trend, The Organic Cook's Bible. Order it used on Amazon for additional green points!

For The Boys
For the boys? Weleda Shaving Cream & After Shave- Cause a smooth face can't be beat

For The Ladies
Alex & Ani Cameo Cocktail Ring- Who doesn't love jewelry? *Search Urban Branches for a Alex & Ani review from last year!

Jurlique- Create your own gift set with their delicious and beautiful looking skin/face/body care products. My vote? Rose Body Lotion & Rose Hand Cream

Novella Royale Hudson Studded Clutch- This recycled leather clutch is a must have for any fashionista in your life

For Kids & Babies
Treat your little one to the ultimate crib sheets from Plover. Can I have them for me please?

Keep your kiddies busy with this Guerilla Art Kit

More to come next week...

Seal The Deal: Sign the Petition


(Content from Seal The Deal)

The UN-led Seal the Deal Campaign aims to galvanize political will and public support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.

Climate change affects us all. Nine out of every ten disasters recorded are now climate related. Rising temperatures and more frequent floods, droughts and storms affect millions of people’s lives. This is set against a backdrop of financial and food insecurity.

On December 7, governments will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. The main question will be how protect the planet and create a green economy that will lead to long-term prosperity
Reaching a deal by the time the meeting ends on December 18 will depend not only on complex political negotiations, but also on public pressure from around the globe.

The United Nations has launched “Seal the Deal” campaign that encourages users to sign an online, global petition which will be presented by civil society to governments of the world.

The petition will serve as a reminder that our leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people



In NYC This Weekend?

If you're in NYC this weekend, here's something you must check out!

South Bronx Food & Film Expo
What: Attend seminars about growing your own food, watch Bronx-made films about urban farming, and devour a vegan lunch.
Why: Locavores unite. (And it’s free, but donations of food and clothing are encouraged.)
When: Sat., noon-5 p.m.
Where: The Point, 940 Garrison Ave., b/t Barretto & Manida Sts., entrance on Manida St., Hunts Point (718-542-4139).

Donate: Cell Phone

Many of you may have a new cell phone on your holiday gift list this year right? Well why not donate your old mobile phone to a good cause. Check out these great ways to donate.

(Content from Planet Green)

1. Help Soldiers Call Home
Cell Phones for Soldiers provides talk time to overseas troops so they can call home. The organization collects old phones, which they send to ReCellular so the used phones can be sold or recycled. Each phone donated buys one hour of talk time for soldiers.

2. Help Victims of Domestic Violence
Two organizations -- the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Shelter Alliance -- collect cell phones to help fund their programs. NCADC works with ReCellular, while Shelter Alliance is a program run by Florida-based GRC Wireless Recycling. You can mail your phone, but check with your local women's shelter to see if you can drop off your cell there.

3. Help Kids Go to Camp
NASCAR's Recycle for Victory cell phone fund benefits the Victory Junction Gang Camp, a NASCAR-themed sleep-away camp for kids with chronic medical conditions or serious illness. Just mail your phone to Recycle for Victory with this pre-paid shipping label.

4. Donate to Your Favorite Charity (Or Plant a Tree)
Flipswap refurbishes and recycles cell phones—and pays you for it or donates the value to your favorite charity. The company also has another program called inStore, which gives credits to people if they trade in their phone when they purchase a new one. And for each phone collected through the inStore service, Flipswap plants a tree.

5. Help A Local Organization
American Cell Phone Drive helps you find local organizations that either refurbish or recycle cell phones to raise funds. Just head to, type in your zip code, and you'll get a list of organizations and drop-off locations. And if there isn't a collection site in your area, you can print off a shipping label to send three or more phones directly to their headquarters.


Green Tuesday Deals From Ideal Bite!

Cut and Pasted for my readers from my daily Ideal Bite email. Lots and Lots of discount codes for amazing eco-friendly items! Enjoy

* Alex and Ani - recycled accessories and jewelry. Enter the code GoGreen09 during checkout to get 20% off.

* Beekman 1802 - goat milk soaps. Enter the code Bitten during checkout to get 20% off.

* Big Dipper Wax Works - beeswax candles. Enter the code GREENTUESDAY during checkout to get 20% off.

* Blooming Lotus - organic body care products. Enter the code BitersRock during checkout to get 20% off on any order over $40.

* Brilliant Earth - fair-trade gold and diamond jewelry. Enter the code IDEALBITE during checkout to get 20% off its Choco pendant.

* BTC Elements - clothing and things for decking out your home. Enter the code bite09 during checkout to get 25% off plus free shipping.

* Greenloop - eco-fashion. Enter the code Idealbite25 during checkout to get 25% off.

* Greensender - reusable water bottles and commuter coffee mugs that you can personalize. Enter the code GREATBOTTLE during checkout to get 20% off.

* HER Design - eco-friendly handbags. Enter the code IDEAL25 during checkout to get 25% off.

* Laundress - clothing care products. Enter the code idealbite1 during checkout to get 20% off.

* Nau - eco-apparel. Enter the code IDEALBITE during checkout to get 20% off all regularly priced items.

* One Language Label - reusable canvas bags. Enter the code 20green to get 20% off.

* Organic Pharmacy - homeopathics. Enter the code IDEALB to get 20% off.

* Organic Wine Company - organic wine. Enter the code IDEAL during checkout to get 20% off.

* Pact Underwear - organic cotton underwear. Enter the code ib20 during checkout to get 20% off.

* Pangea Organics - organic body care. Enter the code IdealBite09 during checkout to get 30% off.

* Peacock Republic - gifts for snazzing up your bath and home. Enter the code idealbite25 during checkout to get 25% off plus free shipping.

* Seven Planet - eco-boutique with a grab bag of products. Enter the code Idealbite25 during checkout to get 25% off.

* Sust - organic cotton clothing. Enter the code GREEN40 during checkout to get 40% off.

* VivaTerra - home gifts. Enter the code ID09 during checkout to get 20% off.

* Weleda - organic skincare. Enter the code IDEALBITE1 during checkout to get 20% off.

* West Paw Design - pet beds, clothes, and toys. Enter the code ideal2009green during checkout to get 20% off.


I apologize for not adding links, I wanted to get these codes out to you as soon as possible!

All Wrapped up with a Green Bow

It's the time of year where we give give give, and often that means the earth suffers. There are many ways to enjoy the most cozy time of year while keeping up with your earth friendly habits. Here are some ways to get you started...

*Turn your old incandescent light bulbs into tree ornaments by painting them and stringing them up with lovely colored ribbon.

*Wrap presents in old maps, newspaper, last years calender pics, craft paper you've spruced up with hand stamps or simply use large cloth pieces that can be saved for next year

*Decorate with nature, use berries, twigs, branches, potted plants and pine cones to spruce up your home this season

*Make your own cards with recycled cardboard boxes, cut into shapes or punch holes to hang from gift bags with twine

*Create a wish list and share it with friends & family, hint at items you truly need so you get what you want this year

*Give the gift of food, literally! Give boxes of cookies, jars of jam or hard to find gourmet items that will be a welcome addition to their kitchen

*Give gift cards for things like gas, groceries or other everyday items that you know will be used

More holiday earth friendly tips to come...

Also coming up on Urban Branches, a Kicky Pants baby/kids clothes review, My favorite eco shopping sites and lots more!