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Happy Weekend & Finds From Around The Web

Raw Milk Purveyors arrested in Los Angeles, Bail set, HIGH. Amazingly there are people being kidnapped, murdered, raped and countless other more important problems than THIS. Article by TreeHugger.

If you're in the NYC area, stop by Marlow & Daughters, for well, a bunch of different things! You can grab a coffee and pastry (Juliette and I picked up a 'kitchen sink' cookie yesterday and enjoyed it on the bench outside, soaking up some sunshine and people watching) or pick up your weeks meat needs, their are a full fledged butcher shop, specializing in grass-fed meats (happy me! I live close!). Pick up their darling totes & tees online and in their cute little general store.

Slide to the subway, yes you can! Click here to see this amazing idea come to life.

Watch Whale Wars (if no, well you should be. next week is the finale, I am sure they'll air all episodes leading up, a chance to catch up!), well word on the street is there's another Sea Shepherd show in the works, this one focused on the Seal trade. Keep your ears open for news of the airing of Seal Wars! Oh and pick up this sweet Tee for your little ones along with lots of other great finds at the Sea Shepherd online shop.