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Eco-Wedding How To's

One of the biggest ways Kevin and I are having a eco-concious wedding is that we are doing everything ourselves. That may not seem eco friendly, but dig a little deeper into what that means and you'll see.

When you do things yourself, you have "eco-control", we are choosing everything ourselves, making our own notes, our own plans and skewing eco with everything we do. I plan on posting daily tips in how easy ways to go green with your planning, wedding or not!

1. Buy ALL music online or borrow from friends, avoid the cd's, cases, paper inserts, bags from the store and the fuel to get to that store! So much cleaner and streamlined too. Less clutter!

Eco Wedding Countdown!!

We're getting hitched on the 14th! Our wedding is as eco-friendly as possible and we couldn't be happier. Local flowers, organic food, local beer! In the next few weeks I will address how easy it is throwing a earth friendly event. It can be done. Oh ya, it saves you money!!

This is a picture of Kevin and I last weekend while picking fruit in Connecticut. Such a lovely experience.

Daily Eco

Freeze your fruit! When the winter has hit and your favorite berries are no longer available locally, pull out delicious fruit from your own freezer. Buying local is the way to go, environmentally speaking, by choosing local you cut down on fuel costs and you support local farmers. Win win! I just packed away hand picked (by me!) blueberries for the winter, thanks for the tip Mom!

Eco-Fashionista is Back!

Hello my eco-friendly enthusiasts! I’m sorry for the long absence! I’ve been gone pretty much all summer, kept busy with a film, family time, vacation, and ending it with a move to Brooklyn. Although I’m not so enthused about exchanging my dresses for sweaters quite yet, I thought I’d start back up at and introduce MOTTAINAI, (moe tie nie) and it’s fitting that this company was created in 2007 in my new neighborhood!

Luke McCann, Rob Lindo and Tim Schmidtke are the latest designers to create an amazing line for the ecologically and environmentally inclined targeted for those who have a higher appreciation for luxury, yet have a want for clothes that are sustainable as well as unique. The name is Japanese, ironically meaning “what a waste”. As mentioned on their website, the name comes from Japanese folklore, commonly used by parents to ensure children eat all of their rice. If they don’t, they are taught that the “mottainai ghost” will come.
All stories aside, their current collection, Modern Museum, is made to echo the brand’s mantra that all pieces are well made and are meant to be investments for the wardrobe, lasting year after year and transcending season after season. The Fall 2008 collection is made of your common pieces: jeans, plaid button downs, tailored suits and sport coats and pants to boot. Each piece, however, has it’s own twist on the normal. Blazers have hand-finished Italian linings, mother of pearl buttons embellish tailored shirts, and pants have a classy tuxedo stripe down the sides. Jeans are organic and paired with the cotton flannel shirts make the Mottainai man one of class and style, and I’m pretty sure you can walk down Bedford (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and blend right in.

These three designers are hands on every step of production, and are careful not to waste anything in the process. Trouser waistbands and bags are created from left over scrap materials and all packaging are made from 100% recycled contents.

You’ll be able to find the Mottainai collection this fall at luxury retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey. Make sure you stay close to this line, as they plan to launch a women’s line in the future, an online store, their own boutiques as well as a jewelry line.

Fruit Picking

While at my parents house in Connecticut over the weekend, we went fruit picking! It was such a lovely experience for us city kids. We picked tons of gorgeous huge ripe blueberries that we plan on eating all week. Being on a farm is very grounding, and you feel calm. I enjoyed spending some time outside, with stunning views and getting as close to local food as possible. Do this if you can, it's so much fun, you get to meet the farmers themselves and learn about the fruit and it's growing habits. We plan on going back in the fall to pick apples. I can't wait.

Weekend Reading

Vegan Vans! Kevin is rejoicing!!

I've always admired PETA and here's another thing they are doing that makes me smile, they are bidding on a Sea World! They want to return some animals to the wild, put some in marine sanctuaries and turn the park into a virtual reality theme park. Check out the article:

Have paint lying around, need to recyle it? Read this article now!

Happy Reading!


Brown bagging it

Bring your own lunch to work, stop getting takeout!

Takeout=lots of trash (most likely you're not cleaning them out and recycling are you?)

Here are some great ideas for your yummy lunch:

Invest in tupperware- can be reused over and over
Bring your own silverware, they set sets in their own carrying case, if you can't find it, wrap it in your cloth napkin! Speaking of cloth napkins, I can't love them more, Kevin and I began using them about 4 months ago and we haven't looked back. Oh, and get that reusable drinking container too, if you haven't already that is.

So, in addition to organic foods you can make a difference with how you bring your food to work! Eating leftovers also is a great way to use what you got, and keep that food from hitting the landfill!


Post-Weekend Reading

I know it is no longer the weekend, but here are some great articles I've read lately that I thought I'd share.

Also, please send links of articles you read and enjoy, I'll post them each week!

Go Prince Charles! It's great when those in the public eye turn their attention towards something that matters.

I am so lucky to have my Eco-Mama, Mariah writing great articles for me! I found this article, apparently mama's going green is catching on:

I've talked about this many times before: UNPLUG!


I Heart Eco-Mama

Hello Eco People! I want to introduce a little more about me and why I am writing Eco Mama stories. I started out by endorsing 2 products, (Weleda and G Diapers) which isn't my ideal way to introduce my eco friendly life, but when an item is truly great, it deserves recognition! I'd like to share with you the experience and reason for my eco existence. It starts with a belief, a level of consciousness, and a determined spirit to really live eco friendly. I have to admit first and foremost, that I do not do everything I can to be eco friendly. Its hard and time consuming, especially as a single mama with a baby. Not a good excuse, but a reason I don't always follow thru with effective eco living.
My reasons for trying to sustain an eco friendly existence on this earth started with my father and mother. They met on a bio dynamic farm in Pennsylvania in the mid 70's. They raised us on a farm in rural Maine which housed my fathers business of compost testing and analyzing. We always had a compost pile, it was so normal to me that when I moved out, I was so weirded out by throwing food scraps in the trash. oh, and I was a baby in cloth diapers too. We grew our own vegetables, ate locally, and my mother made quite alot of our clothing. My parents were a resourceful pair, and we never had much plastic in the house either. None of our toys were plastic and our clothing was all natural/organic fibers. Fast forward to my existence as a young adult, with my 4 month old baby. Having Siena made me so conscious of my part in contributing to this earth's waste problem. The biggest shock is how many diapers in a baby's life are thrown away and won't ever disappear. Half a ton a year!! And you figure a baby wears diapers for the minimum of 2 years. That's 2 tons. Now I am so spiteful of plastic, it scares me, I freak out about it! I wish that every packaged item and bag was NOT made out of plastic. I am going on a "Plastic Strike" for the month of September. I will be writing about it for sure. Besides the plastic issue, I love natural organic body products, foods, and clothing. Unfortunately right now I can't afford all the organic clothing I'd like to, but so far I have most of Siena's onesies in organic cotton. If not me, then at least I can clothe her organically. Her skin is so soft and precious who wouldn't want to protect it!!
All the best from me to you in our eco existence!
ps- this is a picture of Siena and I, (July '08) in my father's bio energy field: rape seed, which makes canola oil. American's almost never call it rape see, apparently its too offensive?!
~Mariah, your Brooklyn eco mama

Nature Inspiration

Tossing? Stop! Think!

Before tossing, think! Can the item be re-purposed another way? Can you turn that old wooden CD holder into a chic wall shelving unit by turning it on it's side and slapping a fresh coat of VOC paint on it? Can that old jacket be donated? Kevin and I found beautiful old french windows someone was tossing, we cleaned them up and hung them on the wall. They are fire engine red and our favorite find!

Stop cleaning out without thinking first, someone can always benefit.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your goods:
Craigslist - list your items for cash!
Ebay - I'm no stranger to selling (and buying) on ebay, it's a great way to get some green for your stuff
Amazon - Sell old books and cds with ease (among other things!) where you exchange items free of charge
Consignment shops- because that old suit could be worth something!
Charity- there are many organizations that take donations, salvation army and goodwill to name a few...

Any more ideas? Let us know!

Waterless Car Wash! Can It Be True?

If you have a car I am sure you're trying to drive less, with the price of gas and the environmental impact we all are. Washing your car shouldn't add to the guilt. I found a product I am just dying to try! It's called Lucky Earth "Waterless" Car Wash. This line was created by a couple trying to keep their world a little cleaner for their baby girl. They cleared their home of all chemical laden products but were at a loss with what to switch to for their car. They set out to fill the gap in the market with a line of chemical free car cleaner.
If that wasn't enough, they make a bottle to wash your bike! Kevin is going to love this!

Check out their website and pick up a bottle today:


Daily Eco

Raining out?? Catch that rainwater to water your indoor plants with! Better yet, put them outside and elimate the collection step all together!

Daily Eco

Save all of your jars after use! Use for chic looking storage, cups, or for flowers!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bunny

Is this not the sweetest little bunny you've ever seen! Well in addition to melting my heart with the cute factor it's also made with organic cotton. It's for sale on the following website: It is currently sold out :( but keep checking back, plus check out their other toys!

Avalon Organics...Ahhh...

Avalon Organics makes the most delicious hand soaps and body lotions. They are packed with nourishing plant lipids and smell just amazing! Of course there's no parabens either, only natural preservatives! Do your part, make the switch to a more natural line of body care, you'll be happy you did when you inhale the lovely scents! I love their lavender body wash and lotion....ahhhh....lavender....

You can find this line at Whole Foods and your local health food store/drug store.

I Heart The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Weekend Reading

Kevin and I totally admit, we never thought about green burial till watching the oh so amazing Six Feet Under ( I won't ruin any story line don't worry). What's a green burial you ask? And how does natural burial have negative effects on the planet? Well the answers may surprise and disgust you:

I am always on the quest for good facial care, while always trying to stay natural. Fig & Sage blog does a great job of bringing their readers the best. Check out this review:

I am always looking to expand my library and here's a review of 3 new books on the market, I can't wait to get my hands on them myself!