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Earth Hour: 29 Days To Go....

You may remember Earth Hour from last year, when we all turned our lights/electricity off for 1 hour....(you all may also remember I was cutting garlic by candlelight and cut myself too! This year we're cooking before the lights go out!). Well Earth Hour is approaching us again. Here are some great stats to get you revved up:

10 million—total combined readership for magazines committed to running Earth Hour advertisements over the coming month. Includes: Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic, Oprah Magazine, Allure, J14, Health, Family Circle.
746,698—unique visitors to
105,727—registered participants on the Earth Hour US website to date.
48,000—letters sent to elected officials asking for action on climate change via the Earth Hour website.
29,000—number of times the official Earth Hour video has been viewed on YouTube in the past 90 days. Average is 1,500 views a day.
1,000—new friends signing up to WWF's Facebook page each day as a result of Earth Hour.
8,000—blogs mentioning Earth Hour to date.
4,314—unique visitors to the site.
200—stories about Earth Hour on prominent online sources in the US (not including blogs). Highlights include Huffington Post, Boston Globe, Sprig and Blender.
78—countries taking part in Earth Hour. Nearly 700 cities have already signed up.
75—TV news stories in the US featuring Earth Hour.
29—number of days to Earth Hour.
28—US cities now pledged to turn out for Earth Hour.
20—seconds that elapse before someone new views the Earth Hour video.
7—seconds that elapse before "Earth Hour" is mentioned somewhere on the web.
4—US TV networks planning coverage.

I'll be sure to bring you more Earth Hour coverage as the hour gets closer. In the meantime start planning a fun little evening in the dark with your friends and/or loved one.

ps. I've been seeing Earth Hour ads in Hong Kong!


Eco-Fashionista: Global Green Pals

By this point, we all know we each must take steps in order to be more eco-friendly and green in order to preserve and help save our environment. Whether it’s simply recycling, changing our light-bulbs, buying produce locally, wearing organic clothes and eating organically, every little bit helps. Whether you change your company to make it produce a product in a greener manner, or start a company that’s green from naissance, every little bit helps.
Eco-mama and now Lindsay can attest to how important it is to share our knowledge with our children, for they are the ones that will carry on and make our world a greener place.
THANKFULLY, we have Restoration Gallery LLC to help!
Founded with the commitment to create and offer safe, quality toys, they have launched Global Green Pals to help educate kids how to become eco-ambassadors and inspire them to take positive environmental action!
Founders Malini Goel, Helena Robertson and Rachel Lubanowski, “believe that through play at a young age, we can encourage simple, kid-friendly, creative, and positive actions”. I whole-heartedly agree.
There are five Green Pals - Carbon Offset Chet, Clean Air Kate, Pani Rani, Pink Coral Laurel, and Recycle Kyle. Hailing from around the world, each of them help educate about environmental issues such as global warming, air and water pollution, and water quality and scarcity.
What I love about these pals is that they are not just a doll, they each have a story that teaches children a valuable lesson; more than just to look both ways before crossing the street, or washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Each doll teaches about geography, about their likes/dislikes, their hobbies, and about their environmental goals and how they like to do their particular part in help saving the environment. It challenges and encourages the child to figure out what environmental issue is important to them, and how their hobbies or their likes and dislikes can relate to that issue, and what they might be able to do in order to change. The best part – encouraging them to spread the word about taking action!!!
So help me spread the world about these amazing Global Pals so our children will be able to, early on, learn how to make our world a better place!

Off to Hong Kong.....

Kevin and I are off to Hong Kong tomorrow for our long awaited honeymoon! I will be blogging if able but not for certain. I will be back in March with lots to share I am to you then :)


Planet Friendly Valentine's v2

Donate to Farm Sanctuary this year and share the animal love story with your loved one. Farm Sanctuary is near and dear to my heart, they do such amazing work rescuing abused & abandoned farm animals. They allow the animals to live out their lives with companionship (from humans and other animals) and treat them wit the respect they deserve. The site has a special Valentine's page you can check out.

Too late to send a snail mail card to your Mom or Grandma? Send an darling e-card courtesy of WWF. The baby seals will steal your heart...Better yet, it's free!

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Planet Friendly Valentine's Day v1

It's not too late to green your Valentine's Day.

I generally find the holiday annoying and tacky, but that doesn't mean I don't like taking part. My husband and I take the annoyance out of holidays by cooking together. We find it keeps us from the overpriced fixed menu prices and overbearing "romantic" overtures and gives us time together. That being said, who doesn't love receiving presents. Here are some great ideas to share the love with your better half.

Ditch the cut roses (boring and obvious) and spring for a beautifully exquisite orchid plant that she can enjoy long after the 14th has passed. Potted plants are much better for the environment and provide better air quality around the house.


I Heart Baby Cows

Daily Eco

Share the wealth. If you purchase food in bulk, share it instead of letting it get tossed. For example, if you know you're not going to get to those apples before they go bad bring them to work and share! Waste is SO not eco-friendly!

Time To Catch Up On Your Reading...

We all get busy, I understand, but it's time to take a few minutes to yourself and catch up on your eco-reading...

Here's some articles I found particularly interesting for one reason or another...

FDA Oks 1st Drug From Genetically Modified Animals
While I am not against the advancement of modern medicine, I just get icky thinking about genetically altered animals entering the mix...

Turns out there are plants that filter the air in your home better than others! Check out the list, created by NASA no less...

While there seems to be an endless supply of reusable canvas bags out there, sometimes you want just the right one. I'm always looking for a large one with great handles to throw over my shoulder, mission: complete! Check out Green Eyed Monster for cool designs and large styles. Read up on them and do your part...


DIY: Lime Hand/Foot Scrub

I've come across some great at home beauty treatments that will save you cash and give you control over what kind of ingredients are going onto our skin. With the weekend coming up and all of us needing a little pampering it's time to scour the kitchen and treat yourself to something lovely.

Lime Hand/Foot Scrub:

1 Organic Lime (squeeze half of a small lime)
1 Tablespoon of Organic Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix together in a small bowel and apply in circular motions on the skin, focusing on especially dry areas such as heels. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and finish with a rich emollient moisturizer. Sit back and relax...


#5 Recycling Breakthrough: Rejoice!

I've blogged here before about #5 recycling and what a chore it is to stash our #5's up for months until we have a free Saturday morning to take the sac over to The Park Slope Coop. They only do it on select Saturdays and we always seem to miss the day. The piles keep stacking (we go through a lot of Trader Joe's salsa, sour cream & yogurt). Well the waiting is over! I just finished reading an article regarding Whole Foods relationship with Preserve products. Preserve makes deliciously colorful kitchen, dining & bathroom products including colanders, toothbrushes & cutting boards. They make these products out of #5 recyclables that would otherwise head to the landfill because most cities don't accept them in their recycling programs.

So, what does this mean? You can drop off your #5's at Whole Foods when you do your shopping! While it was great visiting the Park Slope Coop, it is even better than I can bring my plastic more often to a more convenient location. Not to mention the rest of you who may have never found a place to drop your # 5's! Rejoice!

Here's a helpful list of #5's to get you going (but of course you can always look at the bottom for the number)

* Cottage cheese
* Yogurt
* Cream cheese
* Ricotta cheese
* Margarine
* Hummus
* Medicine bottles
* Some plastic ice cream containers
* Food storage and take-out containers

Go Preserve! Go WholeFoods!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the line of Preserve products at whole foods, and on their website.


Deforestation in the Amazon

80% of Amazon Destruction can be blamed on Cattle Ranching. ie EATING MEAT

Yep, it's sadly become more common knowledge. Check out the rest of the article for more details.


Ethical, Eco & Fair Trade Valentines

How often can we indulge in cupcakes without batting an eyelash (or checking the scale afterwords?). Why now treat your Valentine to vegan treats this year. They are scrumptious, ethically & eco-friendly.

Eatpastry's approach to lovely chocolates, cookies & cupcakes is to take a fair trade, organic and green approach. Their products are also vegan!

Check out their website & blog for mouth watering images to get you excited to spend Valentine's day holed up on the couch with your honey, snacking on delicious chocolate all night long...