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I Heart Little Twig {Review}

When I was pregnant I sought out only the best baby products for my little Juliette. And now that she's here and I've tried out many different things on her I've been able to pick a few of my favorites. Little Twig is among my favorites.

They not only have the cutest packaging of any baby line I've seen, they give back to their community and participate in environmental efforts such as reducing waste. If you return 4 full sized empty containers they'll take off 30% off your next online order. Pretty cool eh.

Each year they choose a charitable organization to work with. This year they've chosen Everychild Foundation. Litte Twig donates their time, marketing efforts as well as marketing efforts to spotlight the foundation.

The generous folks at Little Twig sent me a few products to try out on my cutiepie and I've loved each one.

Their diaper cream is super mild and unscented of course! It has helped clear up a little diaper rash and keeps her sensitive skin in tip top shape. We've given Juliette a little twig bath too, using the Baby Wash, we chose the unscented one this time but I can't wait to use their lavender, lemon & tea tree scented version soon! One product of theirs I can't live without is their baby powder, it's a mainstay on our diaper changing table and goes with us everywhere.

Their product line includes lovely gift sets all including the sweetest wash clothes or wash mitts. Kids and adults will fall in love with their gifts sets trust me, I'd love one! That brings me to my next point, if you're an adult with sensitive skin or just want a cute bottle to look at in the shower, pick up some Little Twig body wash & lotion.


DIY Beauty

If you've been reading Urban Branches for a while you know I just love DIY beauty. There's nothing more satisfying than whipping up your own batch of face masks, skin toners and lip balms. Check out this link from LIME for some great ideas. I've done the dirty work and cut & pasted below as well...

Apple Skin Toner, from Guide to Day Spas and Stay Spas

This toner is intended for slightly oily skin. Witch hazel is a gentle astringent, apple cider vinegar will help restore your skin's natural pH balance, and lavender soothes sensitive skin.

2/3 cup witch hazel
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
A few drops of lavender or essential oil of your choice

Mix and pour into a clean bottle. Shake bottle well before using, dampen a cotton or ball or pad with toner, and swab over face.

Aloe Vera Toner

As basic as can be and a good choice for skin that needs a little soothing. Simply combine equal amounts of distilled water and aloe vera gel or juice. Pour into jar and refrigerate. Shake vigorously before applying.

Zingy Lemon Astringent

Another simple, basic recipe-this one will definitely give your skin a zingy feeling. Don't use if your skin is irritated in any way.

1/2 cup witch hazel
Juice from 1/2 medium lemon (about 1 TB.), strained
Combine ingredients in bottle. Shake well to blend. Store in refrigerator for a refreshing iciness when applied, or at room temperature (if stored at room temperature, discard after a week or two.)

Watermelon Toner (from Spa Index)

Watermelon juice is full of antioxidant vitamins and is noted as helpful for removing blemishes.

2 TB. fresh watermelon juice
1 TB. vodka
2 TB. witch hazel
2 TB. distilled water
Strain watermelon to get rid of seeds and fruit pieces. Combine all ingredients in small bowl and stir well. Pour into clean bottle.

To use: pour a small amount on clean cotton pad and apply to face. Store toner in your fridge between uses to retain freshness. It will keep for approximately one week.

Time To Bake

It's time to bust out the oven mitts boys & girls! There's nothing that makes you feel more connected to the earth than baking with all natural ingredients and local fresh fruit!

I am baking some homemade banana bread in a few minutes and I plan on baking a pie soon! This one pictured above makes me swoon.

I'll be posting recipes here soon, but please send me yours!

Tip: Always use organic & local ingredients in your recipes!

(Image: Redbook)

Zoe&Zac @ Payless

Low on funds, ya we all are! Need new kicks? Pick up a pair of the eco-friendly line at Payless. I'm loving their Daisy Frayed Skimmer, very parisian! Se Magnifique!

Here are some of the ways they stay green:

*Organic Cotton
*Recycled Rubber
*Faux leather & suede
*Elastic from recycled plastic bottles

Pssst...some are on sale too! Click here to be taken straight to the site.

(Image: Payless)

Mrs. Meyer's To The Rescue {review}

The lovely folks at Mrs.Meyer's recently sent me a few products to try out, what they didn't realize is that I am already a loyal fan! Surprisingly I hadn't tried the products they sent so it was a great way to introduce myself to some of their scents I hadn't yet discovered, specifically the Basil line.

Mrs.Meyer's if you don't already know makes lovely and effective home cleaning products as well as candles, diffusers & skincare. Here's their philosophy:

"Our philosophy is to make straightforward, honest cleaners that smell good and work like the dickens on dirt. They are also aromatherapeutic, which is another fancy word for healthy and good."

The Basil line includes top notes of apricot leaves, eucalyptus, parsley and of course, basil. Basil is known for helping ease nerves and "perk up the senses", as a new mom who wants her home to be clean as ever easing my nerves is just lovely.

I know many are skeptical about eco-cleaning products not really "cleaning" but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Mrs. Meyer's counter top spray & surface scrub cleaned my kitchen and bathroom like never before. I might just need to indulge in a soak in the tub tonight. Since I sued the mind soothing Geranium line in the tub my soak will give me the "ahhhh" I've been needing.

I find their prices pretty decent too considering the products are not only eco-friendly but clean amazingly and have delicious natural scents. Up next, I am anxious to try their baby line!

And yes there really is a Mrs.Meyer's (and not my mama!), her name is Thelma!

Green Cookware

I drool over Le Creuset as many of us do but they are all so damn expensive! We do have a gorgeous grey Le Creuset pot that I adore but I'd love to have more beautiful cookware like it. Enter Green Cooking Pots!

The line is completely chemical free and comes in rich colors like red, green, blue and yellow. What better time to pick up a few new pieces to get your cook on this Winter, Thanksgiving is coming!

I'd love a new sauce pot in red please...

Check out their site and stock up!

Yes it's True!

Japan's Nippon airlines is asking passengers to "lighten their loads" before boarding to lesson the overall weight of the plane, therefor lessening the amount of fuel needed to get from point A to B. I love the idea personally, I never thought about it before but if everyone "just tried" one more time before think of all the weight we'd save!

Ha ha, yes it's true, click here for the article on TreeHugger

Eco Decor on the Cheap

So you're trying to save money, who isn't. But we still want gorgeous, innovative and lovely decor don't we! (resounding YES!)

Here are my tips for eco-decor that almost anyone can do...

1. Save your jars, fill them with cheap white candles (think tea lights!) and line them up along the windowsill. Or fill them with household items like clothes pins, match books, spools of thread or your collection of shells.

2. If you have a huge vase, fill with nicely shaped sticks from the garden or park

3. Pick up a few pieces of beautiful wrapping paper and frame them. I've got a $7 dollar map of Paris that's been framed on our wall for years, nobody believes it's wrapping paper from a fancy stationary store!

4. Plants, pop over to a friends house and take a clipping. I'm going to work on a whole new slew of cuttings myself for display. Helps add oxygen to your home as well

What else? Oh I am sure I'll think of something...

Urban Branches in the Top 100!

Urban Branches was picked to be one of the Top 100 Sustainability Blogs! I am so honored! I know it's been a while since I've posted, I promise to pick up my eco hat again and get back to posting. For now, I will be basking in the glory...

Check out the Daily Reviewer site for more info and to see yours truly...