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Daily Eco

Rent movies instead of buying them! No need to own all of your movies, how often are you really watching them, seriously who has the time?

Nobody Wants Our Beef (what does that say about our beef?)

So, Kevin and I saw this on the news and I knew I had to bring it to your attention.

The new South Korean president, Lee Myung-Bak, a US lovin' conservative is pushing for the restating of US Beef imports to be allowed into the country after a 2003 ban stopped all beef trade. Why is he pushing for this? Well, to improve the relationship with Washington. At the expense of his own people. (Now, we eat US beef, which is terrifying and should be cause to worry in my opinion!) Well, the people are fighting back, taking to the streets in protest. A civilian army as large as 100,000 in some reports.

Protesters are angry that their president is not listening to public opinion, which is strongly against this trade deal. Their health is being compromised and they are not taking it lying down. Mad Cow disease still haunts the beef trade (the 2003 ban was after a mad cow diseased cow was found) and those in South Korea don't want US beef coming into their country infecting their people.

The real issue I brought this up is because if those in South Korea don't want our beef, why should we?

Click the following links for more in depth articles:

(, )

Daily Eco

When you turn on the air conditioner at home (which should be not too often) make sure you shut the doors to other rooms to not spread the cool air too thin, you'll feel cooler faster too!

Ahhh, Rain Does Lovely Things

Homemade Stain Remover

I do love me some DIY!

Here's a great one to keep around the house for those clumsy moments.

Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap and apply to the stain with a sponge. Apply to stain with sponge. Blot and repeat if needed. Rinse with warm water and let dry.


George Carlin

I read a great George Carlin quote on ecorazzi and thought I'd share it:

“And I think people have a lot of nerve locking up a tiger and charging four dollars to let a few thousand worthless humans shuffle past him every day. What a shi**y thing to do. Humans must easily be the meanest species on Earth. Probably the only reason there are any tigers left is because they don’t taste good.”

“Eating meat is one thing, but this whole beef-rancher-manure-cattle-hamburger side show is a different skillet of sh** altogether. Each year, Americans eat 38 billion hamburgers. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of red meat. Cattle consume one half of all the fresh water consumed on Earth. The sixty million people who will starve this year could be adequately fed if Americans reduced their meat intake to just 10 percent.”

– The late comedian George Carlin from his book Brain Droppings.

Click here for the link to ecorazzi:

Straight From Daily Candy!

More for those in the New York area...

Blue Angel Wines

What: Two enterprising ladies (one an Astor wine alum) with wicked booze knowledge open a mostly organic (yet reasonably priced) wine shop in the BK.
Why: Thank the divine messengers.
When: Mon.-Wed., noon-9 p.m.; Thurs.-Sat., noon-10 p.m.; Sun., noon-6 p.m.
Where: 638 Grand St., b/t Leonard & Manhattan Aves., B’Burg (718-388-2210).

Snaps to Brooklyn! I can't wait to check this out and pick up a few bottles of organic wine.

Straight From Daily Candy!

I'll continue bringing you eco tid bits from my daily email newsletters...

For those of you in the New York area:

New Amsterdam Market
What: Hoping to become a permanent fixture, tons of local purveyors show off farm-fresh cheese, produce, meats, and prepared foods — with a focus on sustainability.
Why: Bread (from FCI to Sullivan Street), honey, mushrooms, and other mouth-watering groceries.
When: Sun., 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: South Street Seaport, South St., b/t Beekman St. & Peck Slip.

Daily Eco

Share books with friends instead of buying new, start an email chain to see who has what!

Animal Factories

I'm currently reading Animal Factories by Jim Mason and Peter Singer. Together they also wrote The Ethics of What We Eat and Peter Singer wrote Animal Liberation. Peter Singer is a philosopher who as written extensively on the subject of animal ethics, Jim Mason is an environmentalist, lecturer, journalist and attorney who specializes in human/animal concerns.

I am enjoying the 3rd in this "series" of animal ethics based examinations into animal factory farms, science labs and everything in between. Animal Factories is an in depth look at the details of factory farming covering issues such as the environmental impact of all we do to these poor animals, the ethics of creating "biomachines" and the human health risks of consuming factory farmed meat/poultry/dairy have.

As always, I am going to be sharing interesting things as I read them...

Here's a great explanation of the downfalls of factory farmed eggs. If the environmental benefits of eating organic weren't enough, here's a health reason:

"Most commercial poultry operations therefore use feed additives containing xanthophyll or beta-carotene to enhance the yellow color of skin and egg yolks. The brighter color may be attractive to the shopper's eye, but there is evidence that color additives actually lower the quality of eggs. More important, eggs from caged layers may be lower in some nutrients-particularly vitamin b12 and folic acid-than eggs from free-ranging hens."

-Jim Mason & Peter Singer


Union Square Serves It Up

I enjoy going to the Farmer's Market so much, even if I am just there to enjoy the sights...

Daily Eco

Don't buy into greenwashing! Be an active consumer not a passive consumer. I'm so sick of seeing the slew of oil company green themed commercials promising a brighter future if we stick with them, I mean seriously.

Organic Farms Pay it Back

Bringing you interesting news straight from my daily eco-newsletters...this one is from (adore them!)

Going organic is paying off for farmers! Keep supporting local organic farmers!

Click link for the rest of the article.

Good Morning Peony!

Define: Carbon Footprint

We often hear the term 'Carbon Footprint' but do we all know exactly what that means?

Carbon Footprint= a tool of measurement that captures the impact human activities have on the environment. It is describing the amount of greenhouse gases produced which are measured in units of carbon dioxide. The concept of the carbon footprint is an offshoot of the original ecological footprint.

Check out the following links for great carbon calculators

Here's a great link (once there, click Act, then Live Green and you'll find a carbon calculator)


Daily Eco

I've said this before, UNPLUG! 5-7% of the average households electricity use is wasted on what's called "Vampire Electricity" meaning, unused electricity that is sucking life from the socket while the appliance is off but plugged in. Also known as ghost electricity. Make the step to get on board with this, assign each household member a room of the house to check before leaving. Once you do get into the habit, it becomes, well...habit.

Fact Shocker!

I am sure many of us enjoyed eggs this past weekend...make sure you know where they come from! Make sure they are free roaming, happy, healthy and humanely raised. Battery cages are stacked cages that house factory farmed chickens. The cages are barely bigger than they are and cause massive discomfort, disease and unhealthy conditions for chicken and farmer.

I takes 48 gallons of water and 7 lbs of grain to produce just 1 "battery cage" egg. JUST ONE. Think about that. Those numbers go down when the animals roams freely, and eats bugs and things out of the grass and can enjoy a rain bath every now and again.
I'm on the hunt for eco-friendly beauty products. As my wedding approaches I want to have a nice collection of lovely natural products ready for the big day. So as you head into summer and are looking for natural bronzers, lip glosses and eye shadows look to the green stuff, company wise, not color.

Smashbox knows makeup, and they've finally spread their wings into the realm of eco-friendly makeup. Each purchase will lead to the planting of a tree, that's good stuff. Packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, as it should be.

Click the link and enjoy...


Daily Eco

Does your work recycle their paper, aluminium, plastic and glass? If not (which is just horrific if you ask me, considering they are supposed to be responsible and all) take action. Why are you waiting for someone else to step up? Maybe that person is you! Talk to you who you need to talk to, send out a mass email, I am sure you'll gain support. I mean who wants to be the person who's against recycling right!

Daily Candy: Rubie Green

I am sure many of you receive Daily Candy updates in your inbox daily. In case the answer to that is a big no, you can always trust that Urban Branches will pass along the good ones.

Here's today's!

Rubie Green Textiles, why are they green? Here's 2 great reasons, 100% certified organic cotton and water based inks used. They are described as a "fresh take on vintage styles". So if you're looking for some new fabrics to create your next set of curtains, pillows, clothing or just want some to display, check it out!

or simply go to

Eco-Mama Arrives: Weleda Baby

I am so pleased to announce a new writer to Urban Branches! Her name is Mariah, but we'll call her our Eco-Mama. She's raising the sweetest little baby girl in a earthy, natural and organic way and wants to share her experience on Urban Branches. Please also see links to her sites in the site menu. Enjoy!

Weleda is my favorite body care product especially for baby. It is composed of 100% natural oils, pure essential oils, and plant extracts. The line they do for baby is made from calendula, natural care for delicate skin. "For centuries, Calendula has been known as a medicinal plant for aiding the healing process of small wounds, red, inflammed skin and skin infections. Due to its immune strengthening and antiseptic properties, calendula also protects the skin against infection. A monk once bestowed the plant with the beautiful name "Bride of the Sun" inspired by its colour and flowers, which follow the path of the sun."I love giving Siena a bath in Weleda Calendula shampoo and body wash. The soft scent on her skin afterwards is a delicate sweet smell, and I bury my nose in her hair and breathe deeply. Its the single most tender smell. Her skin is always clean and soft as can be, and I feel good knowing that she has been touched by the purest soap. I also happen to agree with Weledas philosophy and love that biodynamic plants are used for their products. My personal favorites are the Rose body oil and lavender bath milk.

(Image of calendula flower:

Green Markets!

Walking through the Union Square farmers market is such an experience. Everywhere your eye can see fresh fruit and vegetables delight the eye and wet the palate. Ethically responsible meat and poultry is sold and local flowers dot the line of booths. Chefs all over New York City rush to the markets to gather fresh ingredients and locals stroll, snacking on the baked good offerings and fresh juices. It's like Mecca for locavores and organic foodies. I just started a new job merely a few blocks away and I can't wait to incorporate the farmers market into more of my weekly shopping routine. So, if you live in New York City, you can find local, organic and fresh food easily here at the market, in fact there are green markets all around the city. Look these up in your own hometown, frequent them, meet your farmers and connect to your food!

Daily Eco

Eat fresh local food instead of frozen. Frozen food takes 10 times more energy to produce than fresh food.

Eco Bella: At Home Hair

Urban Branches is serving up another hair mask today! Here's another hair treatment straight from this month's beauty mags. 

As I said before, making beauty treatments at home helps you control what goes into everything you use. There are so many chemical ingredients in beauty products. By making something fresh at home you avoid all the preservatives and color agents that are just plain unnecessary. Plus it's more fun this way!

Frizz Fighter Hair Treatment
6-ounce tub of plain yogurt
3 tablespoons olive oil
Sprig of rosemary
Spring of mint ( or 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint oil)

Mix ingredients in a blender until fluffy. Apply to towel dried pre-washed hair. Wrap your head in a hot moist towel and seal in heat with a second dry towel*. (to be honest, I am not sure how to make that hotel hot and moist, if you figure out a good way let me know) Sit back and relax for approximately 20 minutes. Then hope in the shower and shampoo out. (If your hair is coarse simply rinse thoroughly with water) Voila! Beautiful, 
luscious locks!

*I would suggest moistening a small sized towel with hot water (don't burn yourself!) then wrapping a regular sized towel around that to keep in heat.

Daily Eco

Clean out the dryer lint! A clean lint dryer gets a boost of 30% more energy than a dirty one!

News Story: Midwest Flooding

I know Urban Branches sometimes blurs the line between Green and animal rights, ethics and health. I feel that they all are connected. I hope you enjoy the well rounded content and realize as I do how connected these all are. For example, going green includes eating less meat. (and weaning off of meat from factory farms which are causing much more environmental damage then small managed farms) 

That being said.... I came across this article on CNN online this morning and was instantly agitated. 10-16 pigs were shot while wading through flood waters after making it out of their flooded farms. Police claim these pigs are a threat to the sandbags as they are trying to climb to safety. 36,000 pigs were trucked out to safety (yes that word is relative depending on their lifestyle!) and some 1,000 were left behind. Left behind to be shot. I found it so wrong that nothing could be done other than shooting them. I just don't agree that animals should be a cruel causality in this way. 

Here's the quote that really sent me off, 

 "It happens every day. My gosh, that's what slaughterhouses do -- that's how we get bacon and pork chops," Lippert said (chairman of the county emergency management commission)"It's just one of the casualties of the flooding situation."

The fact that his rational for shooting them is that they'd die anyway is horrific. 

Read the rest of the article here:

Daily Eco

Don't shop online for what you can buy in person. You'll be cutting down on the fuel emissions from shipping! If you can't find what you want locally, make sure all the items in your order are coming together (instead of them arriving in seperate boxes)

Green Time

I recently read the Time magazine cover story "How To Win The War On Global Warming". Pretty good article, and I wanted to share a quote I thought was interesting.

"The U.S. has enjoyed an awfully good run since the middle of the 20th century, a sudden ascendancy that no nation before or since has matched. We could give it up in the early years of the 21st, or we could recognize-as we have before-when a leader is needed and step into that breach ourselves. Going green: What could be redder, whiter and bluer than that?" -Bryan Walsh

Great statement, although I always cringe at the so often seen "leader mentality" that the United States has. It irks me considering many countries have been living much greener than us for years yet we still feel that we need to step up and be a driving force. It's like the United States is that child who needs to think they rule the roost in order to get anything done. Well, I've got to pick my battles.

Oh, and for an article debating the choice of cover image for this Time issue, click on to ecorazzi for more...


Define: Organic Eggs & Forced Molting

When you buy organic eggs you are getting eggs from chickens that meet the following regulations:

Organic Eggs: Chickens are fed organic feed, have access to the outdoors and live in a cage free environment. Antibiotics can only be used during a infectious outbreak (as opposed to all the time like factory farms). Forced molting is not allowed. (see below)

And I thought you might need some further explanation of what Forced Molting is.....

Forced Molting: Chickens naturally molt to replace their old feathers with new ones. This happens at the beginning of winter when chicks are not born. (the hen stops laying eggs in order to stay warm and grow new feathers, this is a natural instinct in all sense of the word). Farms starve chickens for 5-14 days in order to send their systems into shock thus forcing the molt. Egg production and quality peaks after molting this boosting the farms production rate. It is considered cruel and inhumane by many. (For more on forced molting, Google: Forced Molting)

By purchasing organic eggs you are making a statement that you are against forced molting and cages!


Daily Eco

Go investigate what's in your shampoo, conditioner and body wash. (Go get those bottles right now if you're at home!) If you see something you can't pronounce consider stopping by your local health food store (or regular drug store these days) and picking up some new natural hair and body care products. The scents are delicious they work just as good as the chemical laden stuff you're used to. As for your investigation, let me know what you find out! I've done my own research and quickly switched myself!

Rule of thumb, ingredients should be simple, easy to pronounce (in most cases) and the list should be short.

Eco Bella: At Home Hair

This week I'll be bringing you my 2 favorite at home hair treatments straight from this month's beauty mags. Here's an amazing homemade mask for clean & shiny hair, who wouldn't want that?

Making beauty treatments at home helps you control what goes into everything you use. There are so many chemical ingredients in beauty products. By making something fresh at home you avoid all the preservatives and color agents that are just plain unnecessary. Plus it's more fun this way!

The first step is to make yourself a square one organic vodka & soda, squeeze a little lime in there and start spreading that mask on your lovely hair....

Mix together the following ingredients till creamy:

2 tablespoons vodka (see I told you to get that vodka out!)
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 a ripe avocado (slather the rest on a warm tortilla for a mid mask snack!)
1 egg yolk

Vodka=stellar at removing buildup from products and oil
Honey & Avocado=super luscious moisturizer
Egg Yolk=lovely shine, smoothing and conditioner to the scalp

apply mixture to freshly shampooed hair, sit and enjoy your latest novel or monthly tabloid magazine. Wash out after 30 minutes with warm water. Lightly shampoo & condition hair after as well to make sure you got all ingredients out. Voila! Beautiful, luscious locks!


Green your TP

So you're running errands and picking up groceries, make the switch to recycled toilet paper today. Come on, you can do it. Kevin and I love Green Forest brand, honestly it's super soft and not too expensive! Save virgin trees by buying recycled toilet paper! If every household in the US switched there next 12 pack to recycled it would save a whopping 4.4 million trees and keep around 17,000 garbage trucks worth of toilet paper from ending up in a landfill.


Daily Eco

Eat fruit instead of other snacks today! Fruit doesn't produce garbage, it has biodegradable waste!

Eco Fashionista: Conscious Jewelry

I walk into this store on Bleeker, in the West Village. I was on a quest for a dress and with half an hour until stores closed, still empty handed and feeling pretty disillusioned. Yet, as soon as I walked in the store, I didn’t even touch a piece of fabric. I was drawn the jewelry chest in the back corner. I just walked right up to it, and without even looking at the sales girl, asked if I could look at this amazing necklace with a giant pink stone hanging off it. She started to chuckle. “What?” I said, blushing, realizing that I just pulled a rude move. “It’s just funny,” she said as she placed the necklace around my neck and started to explain.
“These necklaces are made by Danna Weiss, a celebrity stylist that adds Jewelry Designer to her resume. As I’m told”, she continued, “celebrities call to ask her to borrow jewelry and she makes them come in, because one doesn’t choose the jewelry, it chooses them.” I was under her spell, or the necklaces’ spell. Either way, I needed to learn more. The reason she laughed, she later said, was because every person is truly drawn to a different stone, and more often then not, it corresponds to their star sign or an ailment they have that the specific stone heels in.
Let me get specific. Danna Weiss designs a jewelry line called Conscious Jewelry. Each piece is metaphysically designed in an eco-conscious way with crystals hanging off a non-metal based chain. There is a stone or mineral that correlates to just about any ailment one can have. People around the world for centuries have been using crystals and gemstones to heal the mind, body and spirit. Danna Wiess is the first commercially sold designer line to use the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones to design conscious healing jewelry. Each stone correlates to a certain chakras on the body. Each piece of jewelry comes with a card that explains the metaphysical meanings of the stones in the piece, as well as how to energize and clear them. To find out what stone you’re drawn to go to: Danna Weiss not only creates with heeling people in mind, but the world as well. Efforts are made to make this line and the office it is created in, in as conscious a way as possible with recycled cards, eco-friendly packaging, carbon offset shipping, as well as a portion of all proceeds going to restore the earth where gem stones and minerals are mined.
Needless to say, I didn’t leave with a dress, nor a piece of jewelry, because it retailed for roughly $300 bucks. BUT I was able to find a really cool jewelry line that I could share with you

(Image: ttp://

Define: Certified Humane

There seems to be an endless amount of labels for food. Here is yet another one to look for! While it may seem overwhelming, think of it as a continual effort to protect your health and the lives of the animals. I think we can all do that!

Certified Humane- Chickens that have receive this Humane Farm Animal Car certification are given room to nest, perch and express natural behaviors. Basically chickens can be chickens.

Daily Eco

Try to book direct flights instead of stopping over. The most fuel is used during landing and takeoff, so you can imagine why it's better to fly direct.

Define: Biodynamic

Just when you thought you figured out what organic meant! Biodynamic is thought of as the "one step further"...

Biodynamic: This term refers to a type of farming that doesn't use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides (yes, like organic). For a farm to receive the accreditation of being a biodynamic farm they must enrich the soil, inspect plants constantly and hand remove weeds and insects instead of using machines. This process is said to yield better more nutrient rich produce and continues to enrich the soil year after year (instead of depleting it rapidly like convention non-organic farming does).
The Demeter Association is one organization that certifies farms in the US. In addition to the above requirements, farmers must plant indigenous flowers and trees as well as livestock (cows, sheep and goats). There must be a natural supply of water and in order to attract wildlife, 10 acres must be devoted to native flora & fauna. Wow!

You can find biodynamic wines and beers out there, I'll toast to that! To find a Demeter Association list of U.S. biodynamic farms check out


Nature Inspiration: New Orleans

I love trees, I love how they reach toward the sky, this tree was in New Orleans Louis Armstrong Park and I couldn't resist!

Daily Eco: Dry Out

Run your dryer for less time, you may be accustomed to a certain time that is too long! Worst comes to worst you line dry a few items right? If you can forgo the dryer all together even better! Get a wooden clothes dryer and pop it open each time you do laundry. Kevin and I are going to get one soon. Ya!

I do love my ideal bite daily email, I just opened mine after writing this Daily Eco, and had to come back and add their insight on this topic (two great minds think alike apparently) Sign up for ideal bite daily emails if you haven't already, their ads are often on Urban Branches, just click when you see one!)

Straight from my Ideal Bite Email from this morning: 

The Benefits
  • Less damage to the goods. Repeated drying at high-temps can reduce fabric strength by 25% or more, and the tumbling action of the dryer (not the heat, believe it or not) causes shrinkage.
  • Enlarging your bank account. You can save up to $135 per year on electricity bills by forgoing the machine. (And if you don't have your own dryer, you'll spend a lot less time searching under couch cushions for quarters.)
  • It's softer on the earth. Except for fridges and washing machines, dryers use more energy annually than other major household appliances. (And summer sun-drying gets it done in a jif.)
  • Less shocking. Line-drying clothes means less static cling.

Oprah Gives Up Meat (for 21 days that is)

You may have heard that Oprah Winfrey gave up meat for 21 days! This in addition to giving up cheese, eggs, gluten (in bread products) and sugar. Go Oprah! Though it's only 21 days, it's a small step in the right direction. Click for article:

I am beginning to think about my pre-wedding diet and what that will include. Kevin and I want to be at our healthiest, most vibrant and happiest for our wedding, we aren't trying to shed pounds (though I am not complaining if that happens!). I have a feeling that pre-wedding I will be taking part in a no meat, only grass fed milk & cheese, heavy on fruits and veggies diet. I will do my best to cut out the breads as well, but I think that will be the hardest. I am excited to begin researching my meals and putting together delicious new recipes to satisfy my pre-wedding self. Why wait, I might just have to start sooner than later.

Define: Cage Free

Cage Free: meaning chickens raised outside of cages, they are generally raised inside the barn with little or no access to the outside (where they should be). This term also does not say how crowded the chickens are packed in. Be wary of this one!

*note, this term is by no means regulated, the government not only doesn't regulate this term but also doesn't include any birds (chickens too of course) in any of their humane farming & slaughter laws. Think about that for a second, NO regulation. We see how "regulated" animals are treated, imagine how these are...


Green Your Vacation: Hotels

What does the ultimate green hotel look like? It looks something like the ultimate green home.
I read a great article in Travel & Leisure regarding the ultimate green hotel, one of the best ideas it mentions was a electricity activiation key that you "plug in" when entering and take out when exiting therefore conserving all that power when you are gone sightseeing! Perfection.

Here are some things hotels can do to and things you can look for when booking hotels. Don't forget, ASKING is the only way of knowing what programs your hotel participates in.

*motion sensored air conditioner, ventilation and heating which helps to reduce power usage in unoccupied hotel rooms
*water efficient toilets
*dimmable lights
*natural, organic and sustainable fabrics in all linens, towels and furniture
*low or no VOC paints on walls
*hotel uses natural cleaning products to reduce airborne chemicals
*recycling program in place
*food & drink served is organic, free-range, grass fed and all that good stuff
*leftover food is donated to shelters in the community
*LEED certified building
*energy star appliances

Those are just a few of the ways a green hotel would look. Seek out those hotels that participate in these environmentally responsible changes. Going on vacation shouldn't stress the environmentalist out, it's important to see other cultures and countries. Travel is such a passion and shouldn't be a ethical compromise. If you find yourself outta green luck and in a hotel that doesn't do any of the above, you can take steps on your own to reduce your hotel carbon footprint, here are a few:

*ask that your sheets and towels not be swapped out for clean ones, or choose not to have your room cleaned at all
*bring your own shampoo and conditioner instead of using all of those small bottles
*turn off the air conditioner or heater when out of the room (or ask at the front desk if the can)
*ask if your hotel recycles and how you can help
*think about what you're packing, less weight to transport is better on the environment so toss what you don't need.

Any more ideas? Leave a comment....


Nature Inspiration

Daily Eco

Take a one minute less shower from now on. First time your normal shower, then make an attempt to shave off a minute.

By doing so I read (in Natural Health Magazine) you can save 170 lbs of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere!

Define: Greenhouse Gases

So often we hear words thrown around in speeches, bumper stickers and conversation and we all nod along, but aren't 100% sure as to what they mean. Well Urban Branches is here to make sure you know exactly what you or someone else is talking about!

Greenhouse Gases:
Gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels, like when we drive or use electricity. What happens is those gases absorb sun radiation and trap heat in the atmosphere. Plants & rain can help counteract this effect but in the grand scheme isn't doing enough. We are burning too many fossil fuels! This imbalance can lead to gradual increases in temperature (both air & ocean) which could eventually lead to major weather related disasters.


Daily Eco

When hooking up your window air conditioners, make sure the sides have no leaks so you don't loose that expensive cool air in the summer. 

Daily Eco

When it comes to the beginning of summer, hold off on the air conditioner in the beginning, it's really not that bad. Switch on a fan if you have to and open the windows. Switch out your blankets to lighter ones, sleep naked if you have to! 

News Story: Avian Flu in your Tyson Dinner

If we didn't need enough reason to stay away from Tyson chickens (animal treatment, what the animals eat, how their employees are treated to name a few) here's yet another.

Avian Flu found in Tyson chickens. 15,000 chickens were killed and buried in response. I have mentioned how badly farm factory animals are treated, when these animals are killed for disease it exceeds imagination. Since these animals are no longer for human consumption, the level of care goes down even further. What does that say about us as human beings? A whole lot if you ask me.

Check out this short article here:

Planet Green Launches Tonight!!!

Oh this is like Christmas for me! I don't know how I am going to have the time to watch all of the programming, my dvr is already gearing up for being full 24/7! Check your local listings!

Planet Green goes live today at 6pm (ET). It is the first 24 hour channel devoted to protecting our environment. It will launch on the current Discovery Home Channel.

Daily Eco: Detox Edition

When re-painting use low or no VOC paint. Do you really want to be breathing in chemicals? I think not.

Green Your Diet Series V.8: Just Say No (to sugar that is)

We've been hearing for a while now that WHITE SUGAR IS EVIL, well I stand by that statement and here's why!

Refined (all white sugar is) white sugar has NO nutritional value. Here's a list of ailments and health problems linked to white sugar consumption:
Imbalance of neurotransmitters of the brain, enlargement of liver & kidney, hypoglycemia, yeast overgrowth, mental & emotional disorders, increase of uric acid in the blood, attention deficit disorder, weakened immune system, hyperactivity, dental cavities and weight gain.

The refining process of sugar is as follows:

1. Sugar cane is pressed to extract juice
2. Extracted juice is boiled to thicken & crystallize
3. Remaining is spun to remove syrup
4. Washed & filtered (filters are often made of charred animal bones, lovely.)

The environmental hazards grow when anything is processed. *rule of thumb- the more processed something is the worse it is for the environment. There's waste from sugar mills and the carbon dioxide released into the air when firing sugar in process stage.

There are many alternatives to white sugar, they are so easy to find it shouldn't be hard. What is hard though is when you're not the one baking, cooking or making the food or drink. That's where it gets tricky, I urge you to speak up, it's your body, why wouldn't you? Ask what sugar was used, when you find out, take the chance to educate (nicely of course) as to the alternatives available. Here are some alternatives: (which actually have small amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, unlike white sugar)

Evaporated Cane Juice, Molasses, Date Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup, Barley Malt Syrup, Turbinado Sugar, Raw Unrefined Sugar, Maple Syrup, Stevia or my favorite Agave syrup.
Give one of those a try, just don't be fooled into buying "brown sugar" wanna know what that is? It's refined sugar with molasses added for color, texture and flavor, don't be fooled!

Alter Eco

Discovery launches their Planet Green network tomorrow! Check your local listings!

Here's 1 reason I'll be tuning in: the oh so dreamy Adrian Grenier stars in Alter Eco, a green makeover show filled with amazing tips, ideas and inspiration from his "entourage" of eco-minded activits, friends and experts.


Daily Eco: Detox Edition

Dust! Dust in the home is mainly dead skin cells, gross I know. Since we don't all use only organic and natural products those dead skin cells carry chemicals in them and then are floating around in the air! eww! So, get to cleaning! Method makes biodegradable dust clothes! They are a must!

My Article on Working

I recently wrote and submitted an article to Working Mother about natural at home remedies and it's now online!
I am excited to share this link with you all! So check out the article online and Digg it, leave feedback and forward it onto friends & family!


Good Morning Inspiration

Daily Eco: Detox Edition

I got this week's daily eco from visiting the Method Pop-Up store. They passed out a card with 10 ways to detox your home, I'll be bringing them straight to you!

When switching to cleaner environmentally friendly cleaning products make sure you dispose of your old chemical ones the right way. Contact the EPA for how to's.

Method Pops Up

I stopped by the Method pop-up store yesterday on Broadway (in NYC) and had a ball. Method is no stranger to Urban Branches or my home for that matter. We use their mop, floor cleaner, hand soap, aroma ring, detergent, fabric softener, the list goes on.

The shop is set up as a feast for the eyes. Candy colored products are vibrant and displayed to entice. Who wouldn't want cherry soap! You can test out and smell all products. With each purchase you receive a free reusable tote bag for all of your shopping trips! All in all an exciting reason to get home, bust out my candy colored cleaning products and scrub away!

Just don't forget before you go, snag matching brightly colored gumballs because as I was told, "cleaning should be fun too", I couldn't agree more.