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Weekend Links

Here are some fun and interesting links for you to check out. Happy Weekend!

An awesome dry erase board made of Bamboo! Brilliant.

Check out this site and pick up a copy of her book Gorgeously Green (and read my review here!)

Lots of cute organic baby items on sale at Nat and Helens. Use code 'Friend' at checkout for free shipping

Adorable eco-baby finds from Kiwi Industries at The Mini Social. Use my invite link here

The most darling baby announcement EVER. And her name is Penny, too sweet.



I just got home from doing 2 loads of laundry, with a baby, in the cold. Someday I might have my own washer and dryer but for now I tote my stuff about 2 blocks and back each week. One thing I'd love to stop lugging, the detergent. I use Method & Costco brand eco-detergent in Lavender. lovely and earth friendly. But, I am sick of transfering my mega bottle into smaller luggable versions every few weeks. I came across this awesome product today that I've gotta try. It's available at a shop in my neighborhood so I'll be checking it out soon for sure! You can find it online at The Future Perfect

The Ecowasbal is just what I've been looking for. A soap-less ball you toss in with your wash. The ball is filled with little ceramic beads that when in contact with water reduce surface tension in water, activate water molecules and poof, dirt is released. The softness of your clothes is maintained along with the color too! They recommend adding a tiny amount of detergent for heavier-soiled loads (and include a tiny little measuring spoon for that).

This baby is good for 1,000 washes! That's about 4 years worth of lugging, buying and using detergent! Think about the plastic containers you're not going to be tossing! If you want the lovely scent of something, toss a Method dryer sheet in with your dryer and you're good to go.


Bits & Pieces

Interesting, amazing bits & pieces from around the web

Punch in a few numbers from your milk carton and find out where your milk comes from. scary how simple it is! Click here.

The start of something? Track your dinner, find out where your chicken came from.

Craving a new cookbok? Here are a few of the best.

A look at sustainable (and not so sustainable) fish practices with chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsey. Hope this shop makes it stateside.

A horrific pesticide approved for strawberries. Yet another reason to only eat organic berries. As if you needed another.

What I'm going to be cooking up this week from Smitten Kitchen.

Nature continues to inspire and make the most delightful decor here.

A delicious recipe for everyday bread from the lovely blog, Confessions of a Tart. Love the name.