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Juliette Loves The Park & The Beach

My little family has been spending the hot summery weekends outdoors as much as possible, from park picnics to beach days. We do our best to keep the air conditioner off and the things unplugged when not in use. Here's some fun I've been having putting together vintage looking photo booth photo strips of our adventures!

Eco-Mama: Sustainable Futures

It's been ages since Mariah, our Eco-Mama has posted, I'm happy to have her back on Urban Branches, enjoy...

"If hearing the words ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ makes your eyes glaze over, then the Sustainable Futures exhibition is for you. Not only will you come across products and ideas that are good for the planet and people (recycled clothing made from discarded parachutes, wooden radios made by hand in a remote village in Indonesia), but there’s also a range of prototypes and concepts that will set your mind pulsing about the myriad possibilities and excitement of sustainability in design."
Read More about it on StyleWillSaveUs. Exhibit at the London Design Museum, 'Sustainable Futures' runs until 5 September 2010.

(community oriented, sustainably designed Auburn 7)

I greatly, immensely admire sustainable design that is forward thinking, modern and fresh. As in a fresh spin on the way design is implemented. Sustainable design, in my opinion, should not look kitchsy and ragged; it is best to hold a high seat amongst timeless modernity. If we fully utilize our resources, re-use and re-purpose wood, harvest sustainable fibers/woods, concrete, steel and glass, I believe we have the power to create urban modern landscapes, city-scapes, buildings, furniture and accesories. There are so so so many out there already!

The Auburn 7 project in Silverlake, LA by MASS Architecture and Design, is a very inspiring piece of sustainability. Complete with Priuses, community gardens and solar power, this new plot of land became a hybrid for sustanable design. "New residents were also drawn to the stunning site at the peak of the hill and an ingenious design that rendered the homes sustainable in a way that went beyond the requisite energy-saving features— by maximizing density and sense of community. "
Read more here.

I subscribe to Dwell mag. I love reading every inch of each issue. The online site has a plethora of products, homes, people, places and ideas. For a beautiful home, I adore the article/photo above, (of the Lucky 7 project) and the simple piece below, a bamboo Parsons Platform Bed.

(styled clean and simply fully embellishes the beauty of this bamboo bed)

Egg Baby: Nuture Your Baby In Style (and win $200 worth of clothes!)

If you've seen Juliette's dresser, you know I have had a bit of fun shopping for my little doll. She looks good in everything what can I say!

There are so many clothing lines that I adore, but one that always has the most beautiful pieces is Egg Baby by Susan Lazar. I mean, hello the bikini (above)! The brand is know for it's simple but extremely beautiful designs. They use lots of organic cottons too! One of my most special items was J's Winter hat from Egg Baby, she wore it for months and it is one of my favorite keepsakes now that she's outgrown it.

Since I was pregnant I've been stocking her shelves with Egg Baby, and now that Juliette is almost 10 months old (gasp!) I'm thinking of the future of clothing that will last longer than a few weeks only!

I stock up on inexpensive basics and really relish in picking out special items at shops like Egg Baby. We've got a few choice items tucked away for Fall from Egg that I can't wait for Juliette to fit into. Currently she rocks their diaper covers a few days a week too!

I couldn't be more excited to promote their "Bundle of Love" contest! They know how much money us parents spend on our wee little ones and want to help with a $200 gift certificate to go shop on their site, which stocks clothing in sizes newborn to 6 yr.

Here are the rules:
The rules are simple – to enter, your readers can become our
Facebook fans, twitter followers or email subscribers. Each social network
counts as a submission so readers have multiple opportunities to win. Three
winners will be selected ($200 each) and will be notified via the applicable
social network. All they have to
do is visit this link:

Sign up, and they’re entered. It’s that easy! The contest runs from June 25th to July 18th, with the winners
announced on July 19th.

(All images from the Egg Baby website)


I'm no hypocrate, I've got my share of leather bags, wallets, shoes and belts in my closet, but I do try to find chic alternatives when I can to avoid using animal products. Here are some super stylish options for you from Kaight, a eco-friendly minded chic shop in NYC. Plus you can wear them all out in the rain!

Oh and I just had to include the cutest of all, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa for BABIES!

1.Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon IV
2.Melissa Ultragirl Meia
3.Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl IV
4.Melissa + Vivienne Westwood Baby

J'adore Flickr!

I'm obsessed with hopping around the internet, checking out roughly 30 blogs, all of which inspire me beyond belief. I recently discovered how much fun flickr can be! Enjoy my collection below...

1. S.F. lamp post, 2. Village of Gorbio, Maritime Alps, Provence, 3. Goats on Greenwood Ridge, Elk, 4. woods, 5. by the sea, 6. 162/365 fluid, 7. Have some :), 8. Untitled, 9. 150/365 Thankful, 10. Up 'n Down, 11. Up, 12. stalks, 13. Trycycle boy, 14. Bambi, 15. Keep Reaching, 16. oatmeal pancakes, stack tumbled

Juliette's Whale

Just scooped up this handmade whale (the blue one) for Juliette from the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend. Love supporting local and handmade! Click here for a link directly to Clay Wood & Cotton, where you can purchase Kate Durkin's whales or browse her other goodies! I'm desiring those owls now!


No More Oil!

This BP oil spill is sickening, heart wrenching and the worst environmental event in US history. And, it's still going on. Daily I am watching the news hoping to hear some glimmer of good news, but still nothing. It's so disgusting that we live in a culture that has folks who proclaim "Drill Baby Drill" instead of trying to avoid situations like this by creating better alternatives. Sorry, didn't mean to skew political on that one...

Here are some links to amazing photos, articles and thoughts on this horrific event.

Planet Green - Unreal photos of the Gulf oil spill

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC is live in the Gulf and has some eloquent thoughts to share

If you want to have a "what the f**k" moment you must read Rep. Don Young Republican of Alaska (Alaska, surprise surprise) statement in which is says this is by no means an environmental catastrophe and that we'll be just fine.

and if that didn't piss you off enough, check out miss 'Drill Baby Drill' herself and what she has to say (Hint: She's blaming environmentalists for the disaster!)

(Image:AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Never leave home without one, credit card, no baby carrier! I've always got my Ergo close at hand for little Juliette to snuggle in that's for sure. Not everyone wants the same carrier though, that's why there is chocolate and vanilla right? Well that's why there's Petunia Pickle Bottom! They've just launched a line of baby carriers in organic materials!

There are 3 styles from this loved brand including The Sightseer (organic cotton print), The Tour Guide (which is made from recycled nylon!) and The Walkabout (great for Dads due to it's "rugged" look)

The Walkabout, pictured above is pretty great to loo at too I must say. Much different than what's out there!

These carriers are catching my eye that's for sure!