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Eco-Lust Worthy

There's a voice in the back of my mind that reminds me that supporting the leather industry is just as bad as supporting the factory farming industry. Do I know where my leather shoes, belts, wallets and handbags source their leather? no. I hope over time animal sources will become as important to material goods as they are becoming to the food industry. For the time being, I will seek out alternative choices and hope things start to change.

But, I still like me a leather bag. Problem, yes. Answer, yes! Recycled leather. I've seen a few designers use recycled leather in the past few years and I couldn't be happier to find yet another!

Ora is Randi's project, and fashion is her passion. She loves how each piece carries the stories of their previous owners through the details and character of the leather


Canvas Totes Get a Stylish Makeover & 30% off!

Time to update the canvas tote! I've got a fleet so I have to stay away from these darling canvas totes, but I know there are folks out there who's canvas totes are ripped & used to shreds, literally. I've had a few break straps myself.

Angela Adams has amazingly fashionable prints and with a Daily Candy 30% discount code they are totally affordable!

Thanks Daily Candy!

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Eco-Mama Hearts a Bargain!

We're all looking for ways to save some green right? *resounding yes! As a new mama I want only the best for my little Juliette. That means I try to find the most natural fabrics, ingredients and eco-companies to support. I've been a member of EcoBabyBuys for a few months and have scored some darling little Kicky Pants rompers for 60% off. I thought I'd share the wealth! Below is all the information you need straight from the horses mouth, and in this case that means EcoBabyBuys themselves:'s "one deal a day" format features eco-friendly items for babies and children for at least 40% off regular retail prices. The deals go green at 9 am EST, but you have to be quick with your mouse (or smartphone) because it's on a first come, first serve basis.

When Manuela and Stacey set out to create EcoBabyBuys, they had one principle in mind. Their mission was to discover manufacturers that offered non-toxic, eco-friendly and fairly traded products for babies and children. As urban mothers, they thought a little bit of style wouldn't hurt either.

As mothers of young boys, they know firsthand that parenthood is a doorway to chaos. Lives get thrown upside down in good ways and ways completely out of one's control. Practicality and function often take over. Looking good gets relegated to unbreakable and spill-proof. Unfortunately, anti-aesthetic practicality also comes at a much higher price in the form of harmful materials used to make baby products cheap and durable. It takes one brief phone call to one's parents to realize that it wasn't always this way. Manuela and Stacey believe that it is possible to raise one's children without the fear of toxic products and that is's mission.

It is also their goal to alleviate any additional stress that comes with being a busy parent. Not everyone finds the time to address the safety record of a manufacturer or knows where to start to look. They take pride in researching their vendors to meet the following strict criteria so that they may provide the best and safest possible products on the market to their customers:
· the use of non-toxic materials and dyes;
· the use of organic and/or recycled textiles and materials;
· the use of eco-friendly packaging;
· and a commitment and adherence to the standards of fair-trade.

In addition to, the founders also have a blog (also found at where they write about topics relating to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and they welcome a dialogue with their customers and the larger web-community.

Please join in making this world a better place for all children to live one EcoBabyBuy at a time!

Summit on the Summit

Celebrities including Emile Hirsch, Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Gore just reached the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro! Their goal? To raise awareness of the worldwide water crisis.

Check out their Summit on the Summit website for more information, the website is pretty amazing. Lots to learn, places to donate and great graphics.

RIP Ady Gil

I am sure many have heard the news of the collision between the Sea Shepard Boat The Ady Gil and the Japanese Whaling boat this past week. I've watched a few different videos from a few different angles, and I think it's apparent that the Japanese whaling boat did in fact ram the Ady Gil. Both sides blame the other, but in my opinion the video speaks for itself. If you pay careful attention to the water you can see that the Ady Gil is barely moving as it's rammed, then you see it rapidly backing away after the collision.

Click here to see video

As a few days had past it became apparent that the Ady Gil was beyond repair. Not only did the Sea Shepard organization loose a major asset, but one of their own members was injured. Horrible. (He's recovering and will be fine) Paul Watson, the Captain and head of Sea Shepard is obviously fuming and vowing to continue their fight with even more vengeance.

One thing that struck me was that while the Ady Gil was sinking is that members of Sea Shepard scrambled to remove the batteries and fuel from the boat so as to avoid environmental damage! That is the type of people they are.

This is not the last we've heard of this story I am sure, stay tuned for a new season of Whale Wars this summer and if you can't wait, pick up a copy of Paul Watson's books or donate to the Sea Shepard organization to help further their cause.

Click here to go straight to their site.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year

I wish you all a very warm and cozy New Year! Full of romance, sweetness, nature, love, family, friends and happiness!