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Eco-Reminder: Gimme 5

I totally understand how life can get full and busy and recycling sometimes takes a backseat. I've been a victim of this myself, but it's time to get back on that wagon and kick it up a notch!

That means checking to see if your city accepts #5 recyclables, mine doesn't so they simply land in landfills, ew. A few years back Kevin and I took a huge load to the Park Slope Coop one weekend and while that was great, it was a bit hard to get to on the right day. Whole Foods & Preserve then announced that they would start accepting #5's and I breathed a big sign of relief. Since then I've been toting my yogurt cups, sour cream containers and now my diaper genie refills to Whole Foods any time I am in that area. I admit, sometimes every now and then I don't check for the #5 label on the bottom and I just toss it in with my other plastic recycling, not good. So I've vowed to step it up and make sure that all of my #5's make it to whole foods for proper recycling!

Click here to read about the Whole Foods initiative, and click here to find out if your local Whole Foods is taking part.


Lovely Interiors Inspired by Nature



I peruse many style & design blogs a week, they inspire me beyond belief, I hope you find a few of your own to enjoy! Maybe even mine!

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Do it Gorgeously! {Review}

When 'Do It Gorgeously' by Sophie Uliano arrived in my tiny little mailbox I thought, great another DIY book I'll never use that I've gotta review. Boy was I wrong!

A few nights ago I settled into bed after putting little Juliette to sleep, I pulled open the first pages and fell instantly in love with Sophie and her mission.

Her latest book (her first hit Gorgeously Green) tackles the everyday needs of the household, ranging from DIY household cleaning products, facial care, baby care to fun fashion how to's. All the while focusing on creating toxin free, less expensive and better products. With a chic and sassy edge of course. She does an amazing job of making the unimaginable seem easy, listing where to get all the items you'll need to make and create everything in her book.

I've already dogeared a handful of pages and have lots of mini projects to begin thanks to her no nonsense easy instructions, many with accompanying illustrations. Here are some of my favorites:

Natural Deodorizer p.89
"Once a week, pour 1/2 cup borax powder into your diaper pail, leave for half an hour, then shake the borax into your trash can." Our diaper pail has been extra offensive lately and this tip couldn't have come quicker. Borax is on the top of my shopping list!

Homemade Almond Milk p.209
1 cup raw almonds & Filtered Water

1. Put the Almonds in a glass bowl or pitcher with 4 cups of water and place in the fridge overnight
2. Rinse with water, then put in the blender with filtered water
3. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth into a pitcher
4. If you want to make it sweeter, you can put it back in the blender and add 3 or 4 dates (they must be soaked in water for a couple of hours), or make a delicious gorgeously green shake by adding half a banana, 1 tsp. of any leafy green, and 1 tsp. of agave syrup

There are dozens upon dozens of amazing ideas in here including recipes for organic teething biscuits, milk paint, leather protector, baby wipes, mint jelly and my favorite the baby pillowcase nightgown! In addition to tons of recipes there's easy to follow instructions for making things such as a sassy apron, compost bin, boiled wool mittens, a medicinal garden, a bookcase and homemade drapes. Phew I'm exhausted just listing these!

Once I've tackled those, I plan on making Juliette a Lavender Cashmere Comfort Bear out of an old cashmere sweater and some dried lavender flowers!

Run don't walk to Pre-order Do it Gorgeously from Amazon or log on after June 1st to get your copy! This isn't the last you'll hear from me on this book, I'll post tips and stories as I create!

Also, check out her site!

Stop The Wailing!

Super cute fair trade romper with a great message! Click for more.


Violets are Blue


Off to the Country....

I am outta here, hitting the road, off to the country to visit my lovely parents in Kent, CT. But, since Kevin is staying behind until Saturday I'll be leaving a part of me behind...

Have a lovely weekend!


Have a Sweet Weekend


Tote That Baguette!

Head to the park this lovely weekend with all of your lovely organic and homemade goodies. Grab your fresh cheeses and pick up a baguette to tote in your brand new Sac a Baguette bag!

Oh so chic!

(Images from Oh Joy Eats)

Daily Eco

When you're shopping you can go through this mental checklist to make sure you're staying Eco-Friendly even when consuming, because as much as we don't want to admit it, we all consume, everyday.

Eco-Shopping Checklist:

1. Do I need this, really need this?

2. Where was this item made?

3. What is this item made of?

4. How much wasteful packaging does this item have? Is there an alternative?

5. Can I recycle this item somehow (give away, recycle, reuse?)

6. What will I do with this item?

7. Do I need this? (Yes I asked that already, but it is a very important question!)

Save The Whales

Next month the new season of Whale Wars begins! So excited! Tune in on June 4th. In the meantime enjoy my latest obsession, whale prints. All prints from Etsy.

Whale 1, Whale 2, Whale 3, Whale 4

9 by Design: Watch and Donate Some Good

9 by DESIGN Seeks 999 Donors for DKMS Americas

9 by DESIGN remembers Jasmina Anema this Tuesday on Bravo at 10pm

[New York, NY] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The popular Bravo TV series “9 by DESIGN” will remember an amazing leukemia-stricken girl, Jasmina Anema, who captivated many the hearts of many well-known celebrities as well as the City of New York. NBA players and countless others came to her aid as she fought to live and inspired and motivated people to register with DKMS Americas to be a part of their Bone Marrow registry.

Tomorrow night’s episode of “9 by Design”, which is on Bravo at 10PM, follows Robert and Cortney Novogratz, who were close with Jasmina and her family, as they host a fundraiser in her honor and a visit with Jasmina in the hospital. Their hope is to not only remember this very special little girl but also to drive 999 new donors to sign up for the blood marrow registry. Its one donation everyone can afford. And it is one that could ultimately save a life.

Jasmina Anema caused everyone she met to fall in love with her spirit and immeasurable heart. She had an incredible following of supporters from Rhianna and Kelly Rowlands to NBA stars Paul Pierce, Lamar Odom, Charlie Villanueva, Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd. She was even invited to meet President Obama at the end of last year. It is amazing how many people were touched by this little girl.

“9 by DESIGN” is a special reality show that focuses on community, family and positive influences as opposed to negativity and drama. This family of seven children and two of NYC’s hippest developers and designers, take on two important charities in tomorrow’s episode.

The first one was to raise money for OneforJasmina as she was fighting for her life. The Novogratz’ 11 year old twins Tallulah and Bellamy were very close with Jasmina – and as a result so was the entire family. The fundraiser was to help Jasmina’s mom Thea cover the incredibly high medical expenses associated with their plight. And, now as an honor to Jasmina’s memory they would like to raise awareness to organizations that help save the lives of children suffering from leukemia, one of our children’s deadliest diseases. As in the case of Jasmina, many people who suffer from leukemia need a bone marrow transplant to beat the disease. Be a part of the effort to reach the goal of 999 donors are by signing up at Jasmina’s best friend Isabelle Hermann explains in this video, all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek, fill out the form and mail it in to DKMS Americas [].

The second fundraiser was to benefit their 12-year old son Wolfie’s AAU basketball team, The City Hoops, which provides mentoring, scholarship and the tools needed for their young basketball players to succeed in life.

Please join the 9 by DESIGN family this Tuesday at 10pm EST on BRAVO.

The DKMS mission is to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors for leukemia patients. More than 20,000 DKMS donors have helped save lives by donating their bone marrow. DKMS is the largest bone marrow donor center in the world with over 2 million registered donors. However, there are still thousands of patients who cannot find their donor match. DKMS will continue to recruit bone marrow donors until every patient gets a second chance at life.

You can see Isabelle Hermann and new friend Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom recruiting donor sign up here

The Mini Social

Have babies or kids? A friend with a baby on the way? Sign up for The Mini Social and you get access to weekly sales on baby items ranging from clothing to diaper bags. Lots of organic/eco brands are featured too. Support them! I also get a $10 invitation credit so shop your way to my savings please. Thank you. Heehee.

Click here to route via my invite: Here!


Perfect Pear


Pantry Inspiration

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the pantry is it's right hand for sure. I would love someday to have a nice big kitchen with long wide shelves where I could store all of my edibles in jars, and a re-purposed chicken coop to keep my spices, fruits & veggies in. Ah, to dream. For the time being, I'll be using these pictures as inspiration for the future.

(Image from the lovely blog Design Is Mine: Isn't it Lovely?)

DIY Baby Food For My Little Muffin

My article '9 tips for Making Baby Food' is up on CafeMom's The Stir. It's a must check out obviously!

Your Green Today

Pick up a power strip if you don't already use them. Plug everything into them so you can conveniently turn everything off before you head to bed, or to work.