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Save Some Green: 5 ways

As the world markets come crashing down around us we've gotta hunker down, be positive and start saving. There are many ways to cut costs, save the environment and make a difference! I was talking with my mom the other day and she expressed her optimism that this crisis may help all of us (particularly Americans) curb our excessive spending, consumption and waste. How's that for silver lining!

Here are my first set of 5 ways to save some 'green'

1. Unplug your appliances, you're bills WILL go down, this isn't rocket science! Write a post it, keep it on the front door so you don't forget to unplug before you leave. There's no need to have your toaster plugged in unless you are toasting!

2. Stay home tonight and rent a movie (in fact, stop buying movies, rent instead)

3. Cook at home more often, make a pact to make a few more meals at home. You'll save money as well as waste (containers from takeout end up making mounds in landfills)

4. Shop this weekend for your own travel mug (if you don't have one already of course) and bring your own coffee to work.

5. Invest in a drying rack, save cash on the dryer and save energy/electricity. Target sells some, although I found sustainable wood versions at:

Bright Green Ideas Check back tomorrow for more ideas to love! Have your own, let me know! (Image:

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taynnee said...

Another idea might be to decrease stress a bit. Stress has an adverse effect on health. Decrease stress cuts down on sick days take. For those of us whom are self employed we don't get paid for sick days.
Plan out everything the night before so in the morning there is no rushing to leave on time. Or take ten minutes, sit somewhere quiet and meditate or stretch. It will help a lot!