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Eco-Mama #6: The End of Plastic?

Hello dear eco people!
I wanted to share an end of month update on my September plastic strike. It didn't go so well. Or at least not as well as I hoped. What it did in fact do, was raise my awareness. It made me feel and think about plastic and the items packaged in plastic in such a way that I contemplate purchases more deeply than ever. This is a great start in de-plasticizing my life!
I ended up purchasing items at food stores that were wrapped and sealed in plastic. I couldn't quite avoid it. I am continuously searching for ways to not include those in my cart...
One doesn't need to obsess over it, but, I have listed some ways to simply cut a few items out of your home.
-calculator: we all have cell phones right?! Well, use the calculator on it instead of purchasing one. I was extremely chagrined last week when for the 3rd time in the past 2 months I have had to purchase a calculator for work. Between the General Store (coffee shop that I manage) and the wait staff in the restaurant...either mine in the office goes missing or they complain theirs doesn't work. sigh...
-pens: hoard yours! guard it with might and main! Or go old school and buy a nice pen with ink cartridges...or use a pencil. Think of a forest...its full of dead sticks and imagine little plastic ball point pens taking the place of all those sticks! that should be installation art, not the sight of our impact on the environment.
-plastic shopping bags: I mentioned this one before. Since there are so many companies and stores that offer re-usable eco- totes, get with it and buy one! and never accept a plastic shopping bag at a store again. the point of them is so pointless sometimes. You take a bag with your purchase, chances are you walk about 5 blocks, or drive a few miles in your car, and remove purchased item and throw out the bag. Now, what was the point of accepting that bag?
-toilet paper: I almost cracked up to myself when I thought about this one. I purchase my toilet paper on demand at my local dollar store. I don't accept a bag when I buy it. You know what the best part is? Its not wrapped in plastic! I am purchasing one roll at a time, cause they are just sitting there all alone one by one, 79 cents each, not wrapped in anything except for paper. The best sight is me, walking down the street with nothing in my hands except for a roll of t.p. hey whatever, its about 100 yards from my house. If you have the option of a 4 pack or 12 pack, go with the twelve pack, more for your $ and less plastic wrapping. (?)
-tomato sauce: I buy Classico, always have. Best part about it is that it comes in a square-ish mason jar! Save and re-use just by purchasing a new lid if necessary at your local kitchen supply store. Now that eliminates a few plastic food storage containers. And what's more classic than a mason jar in an American home?
-water bottles: invest in a SIGG or similar type water bottle today! They look really cool, they are lightweight and so functional. And, the options in colors and patterns they have for kids are so fun I can't wait to purchase one for Siena!! $20 goes a loooong way when invested into one of their many colored options! I got myself a standard 20oz silver one, and am so satisfied with it, I have to spread the word.
-mail: we can't always stop junk mail, but seriously consider signing up for online billing for some of your main bills such as phone, gas, electric, internet/cable. The envelopes used to mail the bills in have little windows...made of clear plastic. how hard is it to recycle a paper envelope that has that window in it? my guess is pretty hard.

Ok, that's my daily special folks!
all the best til next time
your Brooklyn Eco Mama,

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