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Obama Hearts The Environment: Rural Plan Details

I just finished reading Obama's Rural Plan for America and I was impressed. Barak Obama understands the need to raise up our small farms to be a larger part of the overall marketplace. He realizes the importance of supporting their continued interest in cleaner and more environmentally sustainable agriculture. Small and family operated farms are where it's at! Here are some main points I gathered from the Rural Plan, which can be read in full at:

*Obama's Rural Plan proclaims that he will ensure that farm programs are strong and specifically targeted to support family farmers. He will close loopholes which have been allowing "mega farms" from getting around laws and skirting requirements.

*Obama will regulate CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) which feed and raise more than 40% of US livestock. He will set tougher air and water pollutions laws for livestock operation. In addition, he sees the future of organics, and will aid local and small farms getting their organic certification. He realizes grass fed is better! Ya!

*Obama supports small farms using wind and solar power as well as biodigesters (which uses animal waste to power the farms)

*Obama will support and emphasize the eating of fresh & local foods!

There is so much more to read on the Rural Plan but I wanted to bring you some key important points to give you an idea of the president we will have in Barak Obama. So take a moment and read the rest of this plan, it includes renewable energy and biofuels.

The website Grist has more great information including interviews, video clips of speeches/rallies, past records relating to the environmental positions of the candidates. I've summarized Obama's below:

Click here for the Obama info page:

Obama Key Environmental Points:

*Calls to cut carbon emissions by 2050 to be 80 below 1990 levels

*Wants to create a cap-and-trade system by which carbon dioxide polluters have to pay via auction to pollute, thus holding polluters accountable. With that money (an estimated $30-50 billion a year) he would support developing clean technology and the creation of green jobs.

*Calls for 25% of US electricity to come from renewable sources

*Calls for all new buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030

*Calls for US reduction of oil consumption by at least 35%

*Supports phasing out incandescent light bulbs by 2014


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