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An Eco-Mama Weekend

Hello each and every one!
This week I am doing an activity! Think of something or somewhere to do/go with or without your little precious. Go out and view a work of art or building, etc made from resourceful/recycled materials. I am going to go to the American Folk Art Museum this weekend with Siena and I am excited to view the exhibit: Recycling and resourcefulness: Quilts of the 1930's.
the focus of these quilts: "ones which were made during the Depression era by thrifty women who reused clothing, flour and feed sacks, and other recycled fabrics to create "new" bedcovers in a variety of vibrant patterns."
I have been planning and thinking about starting a handmade quilt for Siena. It will probably take until next winter for me to finish, but I'm ok with that. I want to really pick the pieces of fabric from recycled clothing, table cloths and sheets. I have pieces of fabric and unfinished doll clothes from when I was a wee one that I would like to pass on to her through this quilt.

I think that being aware of the objects we place in space is important. I wish everyone thought about the soil and the water, but buildings and materials are good to consider too. ( all the new condos is Brooklyn that are made of cinder blocks and STYROFOAM! what the heck right?)
There is a restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn that is just beginning construction. Great you think, just what we need, another restaurant...but this one is going all out and claiming to be the "first green-ly built" because they are going all LEEDS certified for their building materials. And although Urban Rustic followed that very closely, they didn't go through the lengthy certification process. Expensive, time consuming etc...its like a farmer who really does grow organically, but is running a small place and can't afford the USDA you know the right info, you may just be supporting green places after all!
My dream home would be built from all recycled lumber, slate, glass and steel...sigh.
so happy viewing my eco friends!
as always, keep in touch, and do one eco thing a day
~Your Brooklyn eco mama

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