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Eco-Mama: Buy/Sell/Trade

Hi folks!
this is a short one, a "daily" as Lindsay calls em!

What's a great way to de-clutter and eliminate objects? start! Consider swapping your clothing. Look for buy/sell/trade stores...swap your nice but not so favorite clothes for some newer ones.
I know this is not for everyone. Some people get the heebie jeebies when thinking about used clothing. can always sell and use the cash to go out to a well deserved brunch afterwards! For those who see it as a great way to save $, go ahead, get yourself something "new". Eliminate from the cycle of clothing production...get diggin in your closet. Its a fantastic way to get rid of the "never worn," the "maybe I'll wear someday," the "I only wore once" pile. You'll get more for your $ when you sell never worn or once worn items, and you'll be honest with yourself in the meantime!
This past weekend I pulled together a bag of 5 pairs shoes and about 10 shirts and headed out with Siena. I wanted to eliminate from my closet so that I could add a few necessities to her closet. I used the $ I earned from my sell to go to another used/new children's store and purchase her some much needed winter clothes! It felt quite satisfying. I really was excited over the items I found for her. Most the time they are barely worn, esp with kids, they grow so fast that the clothes sold to these stores are really new.
Siena had a great time in the bouncy swing seat thing in the store while I sat next to her browsing through bins of shoes, hats and tights. Now talk about a good mom and daughter shopping excursion! In celebration of her 6 month "birthday". can always be super selfless and donate your clothing to your local church, salvation army or clothing collection bin. There are even more people these days in need. Help them, and help yourself become less attached to material goods that you don't really need.

*pictured is a nice assortment of clothing I purchased for Siena. a Cashmere and cotton romper, 2 knit winter hats with ear flaps, 2 pairs of tights, a Petite Bateau onesie, a Gap long sleeve shirt, and a sweet pair of suede booties with a little fringe. Total cost was around $40.
Need I say more? what do you think the total retail cost would be if bought new? maybe $125 at a low estimate.

As always,
your Brooklyn Eco Mama

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