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Save Some Green: 5 More Ways

Hey, here are 5 more ways to save some green in this insane economic time!

1. Sell your unwanted items (clothing, bags, housewares etc) on ebay for a profit. Ebay is super easy to use and all you need is a few minutes to list! I've sold a ton of things I no longer wanted on Ebay and can' t speak more highly of how easy it is! By doing this you're giving something you were going to toss new life and making some cash! Yes donating is always the better choice, but this way you're helping yourself financially too!

2. Exchange your old bottles for change, look up a place to do this in your neighborhood, some grocery stores have those machines. This is a great project for kids too, let them keep the coins and they'll learn multiple lessons about waste, recycling and earning money.

3. Got a gift to give? Bake instead!

4. Have cocktail night at your place instead of going out, make organic vodka cosmos for your friends and enjoy the drinks barefoot!

5. Buy your books from used bookstores, and donate back to them! Books are one of those easy to justify costs I think, but if you can reduce the cost of books, read used copies, you're saving green and paper!


Miss MK said...

way to go! this is a great list of small but big steps that help eliminate stuff and save some bucks in the meantime. yay!!

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