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Oprah Talks Animal Factories

I am not sure who saw Oprah yesterday, but WOW was I happy to have caught the show! Oprah sent Lisa Ling (known for her investigations) into animal factories across the country. Lisa also visited free range operations to compare. I have read a ton on this subject and feel strongly that how we treat animals is a direct reflection on our humanity. There is so much ground we all need to cover when it comes to animal welfare. It was wonderful to see this information being spread on the mainstream media, Oprah no less!

There is a proposition up for vote in California, Proposition 2 to be exact. Prop 2 is going to give animals a more humane life, which is the least we can do! The details include allowing more space for animals to stand, lie down and spread their wings (if they have wings of course!). Here's a great site for more details: you live in California please vote YES on prop 2!!!!
Here's a link to the Oprah website where you can read more details and see photos (and possible video) of the show:

I am trying to find video of the show to share with you, if anyone finds it, let me know!!