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I Heart SKN

Never have I been so excited about the arrival of a reusable cotton bag than I was for receiving my SKN 100% organic cotton tote. I am a picky girl, I like things a certain way. I hate the annoyingly "green" slogans scribbled across canvas and polyester totes, the unpractical shapes and sizes of some and the downright ugly ones! SKN is a breath of fresh, clean, organic cotton air....

SKN was the amazing creation of Jennifer Stevenson & Christopher Degregorio. The bags are designed to withstand up to 40 lbs, allowing you to get all you need instead of imagining your cloth straps breaking away on your walk home. The bags are sturdy and can stand up on their own, even while folding flat for easy storing.

Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they simply break down into smaller toxic pieces. This we know, and hopefully by now we know how important it is to take the step to not only purchase reusable shopping bags, but to use them! Sometimes we've gotta treat ourselves to a canvas bag so nice that we can't wait to use it! The organic cotton version retails for less than $35 and is worth every penny, since it's cute enough to use in your every day life, not just for groceries.

If SKN hasn't won you over yet, a tree is planted through American Forests for each purchase. I adore when companies take the initiative to do good in this world, I find it rubs off on the rest of us.

1 SKN bag replaces about 330 plastic bags per year.
1 tree absorbs 1.33 tons of CO
2 per 100yrs.

SKN totes are available in Tomato, Asparagus, Lemon, Blueberry and Carrot. As holidays approach you bet I am making note of this one.

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Missy said...

Yay for reusable bags. I bought mine off and at the grocery store. But those are awesome! I'm trying to decide if I going to sew my next one or buy it. Oh the decisions!