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Oprah Gives Up Meat (for 21 days that is)

You may have heard that Oprah Winfrey gave up meat for 21 days! This in addition to giving up cheese, eggs, gluten (in bread products) and sugar. Go Oprah! Though it's only 21 days, it's a small step in the right direction. Click for article:

I am beginning to think about my pre-wedding diet and what that will include. Kevin and I want to be at our healthiest, most vibrant and happiest for our wedding, we aren't trying to shed pounds (though I am not complaining if that happens!). I have a feeling that pre-wedding I will be taking part in a no meat, only grass fed milk & cheese, heavy on fruits and veggies diet. I will do my best to cut out the breads as well, but I think that will be the hardest. I am excited to begin researching my meals and putting together delicious new recipes to satisfy my pre-wedding self. Why wait, I might just have to start sooner than later.

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