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Eco Bella: At Home Hair

This week I'll be bringing you my 2 favorite at home hair treatments straight from this month's beauty mags. Here's an amazing homemade mask for clean & shiny hair, who wouldn't want that?

Making beauty treatments at home helps you control what goes into everything you use. There are so many chemical ingredients in beauty products. By making something fresh at home you avoid all the preservatives and color agents that are just plain unnecessary. Plus it's more fun this way!

The first step is to make yourself a square one organic vodka & soda, squeeze a little lime in there and start spreading that mask on your lovely hair....

Mix together the following ingredients till creamy:

2 tablespoons vodka (see I told you to get that vodka out!)
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 a ripe avocado (slather the rest on a warm tortilla for a mid mask snack!)
1 egg yolk

Vodka=stellar at removing buildup from products and oil
Honey & Avocado=super luscious moisturizer
Egg Yolk=lovely shine, smoothing and conditioner to the scalp

apply mixture to freshly shampooed hair, sit and enjoy your latest novel or monthly tabloid magazine. Wash out after 30 minutes with warm water. Lightly shampoo & condition hair after as well to make sure you got all ingredients out. Voila! Beautiful, luscious locks!


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