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George Carlin

I read a great George Carlin quote on ecorazzi and thought I'd share it:

“And I think people have a lot of nerve locking up a tiger and charging four dollars to let a few thousand worthless humans shuffle past him every day. What a shi**y thing to do. Humans must easily be the meanest species on Earth. Probably the only reason there are any tigers left is because they don’t taste good.”

“Eating meat is one thing, but this whole beef-rancher-manure-cattle-hamburger side show is a different skillet of sh** altogether. Each year, Americans eat 38 billion hamburgers. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of red meat. Cattle consume one half of all the fresh water consumed on Earth. The sixty million people who will starve this year could be adequately fed if Americans reduced their meat intake to just 10 percent.”

– The late comedian George Carlin from his book Brain Droppings.

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carolyn said...

George Carlin was one of my two "write in" choices for President this year...the other is Judge Judy. His common sense outlook on life will certainly be missed.