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Nobody Wants Our Beef (what does that say about our beef?)

So, Kevin and I saw this on the news and I knew I had to bring it to your attention.

The new South Korean president, Lee Myung-Bak, a US lovin' conservative is pushing for the restating of US Beef imports to be allowed into the country after a 2003 ban stopped all beef trade. Why is he pushing for this? Well, to improve the relationship with Washington. At the expense of his own people. (Now, we eat US beef, which is terrifying and should be cause to worry in my opinion!) Well, the people are fighting back, taking to the streets in protest. A civilian army as large as 100,000 in some reports.

Protesters are angry that their president is not listening to public opinion, which is strongly against this trade deal. Their health is being compromised and they are not taking it lying down. Mad Cow disease still haunts the beef trade (the 2003 ban was after a mad cow diseased cow was found) and those in South Korea don't want US beef coming into their country infecting their people.

The real issue I brought this up is because if those in South Korea don't want our beef, why should we?

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