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Define: Biodynamic

Just when you thought you figured out what organic meant! Biodynamic is thought of as the "one step further"...

Biodynamic: This term refers to a type of farming that doesn't use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides (yes, like organic). For a farm to receive the accreditation of being a biodynamic farm they must enrich the soil, inspect plants constantly and hand remove weeds and insects instead of using machines. This process is said to yield better more nutrient rich produce and continues to enrich the soil year after year (instead of depleting it rapidly like convention non-organic farming does).
The Demeter Association is one organization that certifies farms in the US. In addition to the above requirements, farmers must plant indigenous flowers and trees as well as livestock (cows, sheep and goats). There must be a natural supply of water and in order to attract wildlife, 10 acres must be devoted to native flora & fauna. Wow!

You can find biodynamic wines and beers out there, I'll toast to that! To find a Demeter Association list of U.S. biodynamic farms check out


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