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News Story: Midwest Flooding

I know Urban Branches sometimes blurs the line between Green and animal rights, ethics and health. I feel that they all are connected. I hope you enjoy the well rounded content and realize as I do how connected these all are. For example, going green includes eating less meat. (and weaning off of meat from factory farms which are causing much more environmental damage then small managed farms) 

That being said.... I came across this article on CNN online this morning and was instantly agitated. 10-16 pigs were shot while wading through flood waters after making it out of their flooded farms. Police claim these pigs are a threat to the sandbags as they are trying to climb to safety. 36,000 pigs were trucked out to safety (yes that word is relative depending on their lifestyle!) and some 1,000 were left behind. Left behind to be shot. I found it so wrong that nothing could be done other than shooting them. I just don't agree that animals should be a cruel causality in this way. 

Here's the quote that really sent me off, 

 "It happens every day. My gosh, that's what slaughterhouses do -- that's how we get bacon and pork chops," Lippert said (chairman of the county emergency management commission)"It's just one of the casualties of the flooding situation."

The fact that his rational for shooting them is that they'd die anyway is horrific. 

Read the rest of the article here:

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