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Daily Eco: Dry Out

Run your dryer for less time, you may be accustomed to a certain time that is too long! Worst comes to worst you line dry a few items right? If you can forgo the dryer all together even better! Get a wooden clothes dryer and pop it open each time you do laundry. Kevin and I are going to get one soon. Ya!

I do love my ideal bite daily email, I just opened mine after writing this Daily Eco, and had to come back and add their insight on this topic (two great minds think alike apparently) Sign up for ideal bite daily emails if you haven't already, their ads are often on Urban Branches, just click when you see one!)

Straight from my Ideal Bite Email from this morning: 

The Benefits
  • Less damage to the goods. Repeated drying at high-temps can reduce fabric strength by 25% or more, and the tumbling action of the dryer (not the heat, believe it or not) causes shrinkage.
  • Enlarging your bank account. You can save up to $135 per year on electricity bills by forgoing the machine. (And if you don't have your own dryer, you'll spend a lot less time searching under couch cushions for quarters.)
  • It's softer on the earth. Except for fridges and washing machines, dryers use more energy annually than other major household appliances. (And summer sun-drying gets it done in a jif.)
  • Less shocking. Line-drying clothes means less static cling.

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