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Define: Cage Free

Cage Free: meaning chickens raised outside of cages, they are generally raised inside the barn with little or no access to the outside (where they should be). This term also does not say how crowded the chickens are packed in. Be wary of this one!

*note, this term is by no means regulated, the government not only doesn't regulate this term but also doesn't include any birds (chickens too of course) in any of their humane farming & slaughter laws. Think about that for a second, NO regulation. We see how "regulated" animals are treated, imagine how these are...



Lolly said...

so yesterday i was talking to mark about this delicious organic (AND meat free) dinner i made for us...and he said something about cage free and i ranted from this little blurb on here that i had read about. and his response was "thank you lindsay." haha... i think you should take a bow :) p.s. i miss you. hope your first day is awesome!

Lindsay said...

Nice! Glad to have helped your side my dear!