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Eco Fashionista: Conscious Jewelry

I walk into this store on Bleeker, in the West Village. I was on a quest for a dress and with half an hour until stores closed, still empty handed and feeling pretty disillusioned. Yet, as soon as I walked in the store, I didn’t even touch a piece of fabric. I was drawn the jewelry chest in the back corner. I just walked right up to it, and without even looking at the sales girl, asked if I could look at this amazing necklace with a giant pink stone hanging off it. She started to chuckle. “What?” I said, blushing, realizing that I just pulled a rude move. “It’s just funny,” she said as she placed the necklace around my neck and started to explain.
“These necklaces are made by Danna Weiss, a celebrity stylist that adds Jewelry Designer to her resume. As I’m told”, she continued, “celebrities call to ask her to borrow jewelry and she makes them come in, because one doesn’t choose the jewelry, it chooses them.” I was under her spell, or the necklaces’ spell. Either way, I needed to learn more. The reason she laughed, she later said, was because every person is truly drawn to a different stone, and more often then not, it corresponds to their star sign or an ailment they have that the specific stone heels in.
Let me get specific. Danna Weiss designs a jewelry line called Conscious Jewelry. Each piece is metaphysically designed in an eco-conscious way with crystals hanging off a non-metal based chain. There is a stone or mineral that correlates to just about any ailment one can have. People around the world for centuries have been using crystals and gemstones to heal the mind, body and spirit. Danna Wiess is the first commercially sold designer line to use the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones to design conscious healing jewelry. Each stone correlates to a certain chakras on the body. Each piece of jewelry comes with a card that explains the metaphysical meanings of the stones in the piece, as well as how to energize and clear them. To find out what stone you’re drawn to go to: Danna Weiss not only creates with heeling people in mind, but the world as well. Efforts are made to make this line and the office it is created in, in as conscious a way as possible with recycled cards, eco-friendly packaging, carbon offset shipping, as well as a portion of all proceeds going to restore the earth where gem stones and minerals are mined.
Needless to say, I didn’t leave with a dress, nor a piece of jewelry, because it retailed for roughly $300 bucks. BUT I was able to find a really cool jewelry line that I could share with you

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Miss MK said...

how fantastic! nice to see a more mainstream designer doing the crystals and gemstone path...I recently got a amethyst stone for my baby girl, as a protector. When I gave it to her she grasped it on her tiny 10 week old hand and held it. She hasn't been able to hold anything yet!! it was a match