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Eco-Mama Arrives: Weleda Baby

I am so pleased to announce a new writer to Urban Branches! Her name is Mariah, but we'll call her our Eco-Mama. She's raising the sweetest little baby girl in a earthy, natural and organic way and wants to share her experience on Urban Branches. Please also see links to her sites in the site menu. Enjoy!

Weleda is my favorite body care product especially for baby. It is composed of 100% natural oils, pure essential oils, and plant extracts. The line they do for baby is made from calendula, natural care for delicate skin. "For centuries, Calendula has been known as a medicinal plant for aiding the healing process of small wounds, red, inflammed skin and skin infections. Due to its immune strengthening and antiseptic properties, calendula also protects the skin against infection. A monk once bestowed the plant with the beautiful name "Bride of the Sun" inspired by its colour and flowers, which follow the path of the sun."I love giving Siena a bath in Weleda Calendula shampoo and body wash. The soft scent on her skin afterwards is a delicate sweet smell, and I bury my nose in her hair and breathe deeply. Its the single most tender smell. Her skin is always clean and soft as can be, and I feel good knowing that she has been touched by the purest soap. I also happen to agree with Weledas philosophy and love that biodynamic plants are used for their products. My personal favorites are the Rose body oil and lavender bath milk.

(Image of calendula flower:

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Lucia said...

Welcome Mariah!

I love Weleda and I am using almost all of their products; all their products made for babies are excellent and without chemicals.