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Love Your Skin with Naturopathica

I can't count how many body lotions I've bought and used in my lifetime, really it's a lot. But the ones I find I go back to are the natural ones. The products full of real ingredients, not tons of chemical and that fake "lotiony" smell, you know the one I am talking about...

Naturopathica has been around for 15 years, working to create natural solutions that connect ancient traditions with the latest and greatest science breakthroughs. They have an entire line of face and body care to fawn over, I started with their Bourbon Vanilla Body Lotion lovingly gifted to me by the company! 

Here's the lowdown on the body lotion:

Ingredients include Bourbon Vanilla of course, which is deep, rich and oh so lovely (sourced from the Bourbon region of Madagascar), Massoia Bark Extract which helps improve circulation and Litsea Cubeba Fruit, an oil with an intense, fresh and sweet aroma which helps to tone and clarify your skin. Hm. Lovely. 

One week out, my skin is softer, the tone more even and the smell is making me happy every time I catch a wiff. :)

You must check out their product line up, you can search by skin type, product or classification to find exactly what you need + want. 

Ok, on my shopping list are the following to try next...Espresso Mud Body Scrub, Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel and their lovely Soothing Shave Cream for Kevin! 

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Unknown said...

I had a spa treatment done with this line, it was AMAZING!! every aspect of it. Eco-Mama- Portland Maine leave 2 thumbs up