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New Years Resolution: Read More Books

Read more books on the environment, sustainable farming, local foods, eco-chic ways of living! Pick up your books at the local library, used bookstore or ask around to see if anyone already owns them as a way of saving money and paper. I just started going to the library, and I love it, I've already read a few books that I would have otherwise spent money on, ya! Juliette has her own little card too and we get her new books each week!

Here are few to start you off

Righteous Porkchop by: Nicolette Hahn Niman - an indepth look at factory farming and the wonderful alternatives. Great if you've ever dined on delicious Niman Ranch meat.

Garbage Land by: Elizabeth Royte - a great look at where your trash ends up, made me totally rethink trash, trash workers and the vast amount of stuff I seem to accumulate. Must keep working to keep that amount down.

Gorgeously Green by: Sophie Uliano -  the total package, a full on DIY how to live gorgeously and green. Make your own beauty products!


Tricie said...

And one of my goals is to read some of what I own. Then I can pass them along. Yea! Enjoy your library adventures. I grew up in the library racks and never plan to leave them.

sbo said...