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OMG I've Still Got Shopping To Do Ideas!

Ok, so you've planned, scanned the stores and still have a few items left to buy. But, you've got to finish the long day at work, pack for your long flight home or drive home and somehow try to enjoy yourself at the holiday party you promised to attend (with a smile!). Never fear, there are lots of easy, cute and eco-friendly gifts you can pick up near you, I promise! Here are some ideas

Drugstore pickups (I adore a good drug store, especially the small European style boutique-y ones. I've got a few walking distance from me, and I've also got some big name pharmacies as well. Whatever you have near you, you can pick up a few goodies.

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Set (Image)

Makes a great gift for EVERYONE! (Image)

Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, lovely stocking stuffer (Image)

Show those you love, you care how they feel this Winter! (Image)

Splurge on the hair care products your loved ones never buys for themselves, stock the house with delicious smelling candles, purchase Method hand soap for everyone in a different bright color! There's lots of ideas, you just gotta go out and find them. Enjoy!

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