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Holiday Giving: Eco Finds Online

There are a TON of these sale sights online, Gilt, HauteLook, MiniSocial, BeyondTheRack, Swirl...the list goes on and on....and I seem to be a member of them all. I don't buy too often, but when I do it's always something deeply discounted that I've been wanting for ages, like the boots that took years to find (yay HauteLook!) or the precious little pale pink dress for Juliette I could never afford full price (Thanks Gilt!). So I thought with the holiday shopping still looming for most I'd offer up my favorite eco-picks from a few of my favorite online sale sites. I've included an invitation to each site, which if clicked on I earn spending money just by you using them! So get to shopping, for us both.
Kor Water Bottle Swirl Price $30 (Comes in many colors)

Stripped Baggu Bag Swirl Price $8  
Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes Swirl Price $11

I simply ADORE pinstripes, I'm happy to see it making the pages of every magazine, but I thought it was my little secret, not so when it's made it onto reusable bags! Baggu, which fold up nice and neat has a few for sale on Swirl, the brainchild of Daily Candy. Also on Swirl, these design-savvy reusable water bottles by Kor and a year's supple of Bamboo toothbrushes! Click here for the invitation link

Wood Snail Mini Social Price $20
MiYim Organic Giraffe Lovie Mini Social Price $8

The Mini Social is THE spot for kids brands that are both beautifully made and on trend. They carry lots of great brands and almost always h an eco-chic products for sale. My favorites include these Manny & Simon toys and MiYim plush animals. Here is your invitation link! Enjoy!

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Indian biodiversity said...

hi Lindsay,
don't you think the 'green' and 'eco' shopping have tuned more a way to be trendy than doing something good to the nature or sustainable ways of living?